Friday, October 12, 2007

That's How We Roll

Went camping last weekend.
Just D, the dogs and me.
Hit the same camp ground as we went to in May,
but took more pictures this time.
Had so much fun -- even though it was freezing!
That actually added to the adventure.

Thought I'd take you along for the ride...
(Lots of pics but almost no reading).
Hope you enjoy.

It was beautiful ride up. Such a variety of terrain.
I love that we can drive two hours (three and a half
going there because of traffic in the city on out way
out) and be in such a wildly different place.

Pictures from the drive up, within a half hour of our

When we got there, the grounds were pretty quiet.
We were able to get the same site as last time,
and we quickly got settled in before dark. It was
windy and COLD, especially so as the sun went down.

First night there. So fun to bundle up.

We've become desert rats. So, this temperature
was a shock to the system. This was early on the
first morning.

David, as usual, hooked us up with a roaring fire
and breakfast. He's awesome -- my very own super hero.

The little green stove top we had was the one David's parents
got when they were together. It was as old as D, but it
passed away after our last trip. Just couldn't hang on anymore.
We were so sad to see it go, but getting this new one made us
feel a little better. It has burners for pots and pans, and it
also has a skillet. Hopefully this one makes it for 30 years, too!

Morning sun on the southern pines.

My new favorite of the butter bean.
This was her first camping trip!

A wee branch in the sun.

D at our site through the trees.

David and his adventure companions off in search of
some more fire wood. It's nice because we bring at
least two bundles of our own and then he gets big
chunks that the Forest Authority has already cut down.

He chops them up (so sexy to watch) and then we use that
to supplement what we bring. Hey, do you notice the
dogs? Killian is right by D's side, happy to be following
his dad. Norah is bounding past them, eager to blaze the
trail and take the lead. They are great together but have
such different personalities. It's fun to watch.

We went on a really nice hike Saturday...
We climbed to the top of Mingus Mountain. There you can

see Sedona off in the distance. David did a nice job of
capturing the view.

Little bits of soft, bright growth in the
middle of rocks and branches.

Fall is the season I most miss from Michigan. I always get
homesick around this time of year. It was nice to get up north
this time and get a fix. David spotted some leaves changing
from afar. Still, there's nothing like a Michigan cider mill and
pumpkin patch! These people don't know what they're

Time for some lovin'.

Camper Dave!

Kisses for daddy from his "Norah face".

Little Miss Sunshine

When we're outside, Killian is never far from
D's side. It's pretty cute. They really are
the best of friends, these two.

I collected over a dozen rocks that we brought home
for the yard. David was making fun of my preoccupation
with that, and I had to laugh because it was totally a
Karen Byrne thing to do; but whatever, it was fun,

and I think they'll look good in the front yard.

Me and my kids...

Alright, now this was cool --
As we started to make our way back down, David (always
the observant hiker) spotted something big and white way
off in the distance. Even with the camera zoom lens, we
couldn't tell what it was. So, when we got back to the
bottom, he ran across the street to investigate. Sure
enough, he found four elk! He had a hard time getting
close enough for a picture of all four, but I was able
to blow these up a little...

Mama elk

Papa elk

Seeing these was pretty special. We had seen evidence of the elk
(foot prints and potty spots) everywhere, but this was our first
siting. I love that he found them.

That seems like as good a place as any to wrap it up.
Hope you enjoyed the new sites. Enjoy your fall season,
Michiganders. And feel free to press a leaf for me if you
think of it.

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