Tuesday, April 27, 2010

{Walking in a Desert Wonderland}

Bonjour, mon amies! I hope this Tuesday morning finds you well. I'm off to the tile store
for the only trip in this round of tile work (which is an impressively low number compared
to the 37 trips I made before). I'm thrilled to think the whole bathroom might be (re)tiled
by the end of the day. Say it isn't so!! Otherwise ...

I'm here today with a few more photos from our Earth Day hike. There are some interesting
homes and properties out toward San Tan Mountain. It's very rustic -- a combination of
ranch land, arty desert recluses and little Mexico -- dotted with other homes that look fairly
ordinary by comparison but are on big lots and still have much going on within. It makes
for good house gazing, nature observing and general snooping.

I never did catch a picture of a jack rabbit -- they're just too fast, but I must have seen a
dozen of them. Here's a bit of what I did get. The Arizona desert is just so beautiful to me.
I hope you enjoy the look. :)

While I was out there, I ran into a lady who had run into a guy. She told me he was hiking
all the trails in Maricopa County. What a cool thing to do. Then, she pulled off in her Prius,
and I found myself having car envy. Although, I do love not having a car payment, very
much indeed.

Au revoir.


Diane and Joe Baldo said...

There has been a series of stories about hikes in the Arizona Republic over the last year...they were hiking a certain trail that took them across the state....very interesting.

Kristi said...

I love this post :)

carlene federer said...

great pix, looks like a perfect day for a hike during the best time of the year in the desert!

Killara girl said...

i just love love love these pics...i want them for my wall one day!! when i have a wall that is!