Thursday, April 22, 2010

{Earth Day 2010}

Earth Day ... a holiday we celebrate in this house. The Earth sustains us. Without it we could
not do, live, thrive, work, play, procreate, advance, choose, grow, learn, explore, or exist.
The amazing planet that gives us life deserves a day! Today is Earth Day's 40th anniversary.

We -- like a lot of you out there -- work to make EVERYDAY Earth Day with Earth-friendly
habits like composting, recycling, using non-toxic cleaners, buying local and in season foods,
line drying our clothes, conserving, and reusing things. But the biggest and most wonderful
thing you can do to love the Earth is to plan your meals differently.
ing for an entire year! Make a pledge to go veg for 30 days, and start to make a difference
each time you sit down at the table to eat. (If you don't want to do 30 days, would you commit
to going meat free one week a month or one day a week?) Okay ... I'm off my soap box.

Last year on Earth Day, David and I went to see Earth. The shots that were captured for
it and the stories told were nothing short of amazing. Just incredible. This year, we're
going to see Oceans, also by Disney, a release I've been looking forwardto for an entire
year. ***Disney will make a donation of $0.20 for every ticket sold during opening week
that will go towards saving our coral reefs.*** Check out the trailer ...

The movie isn't until tonight though. So, the dogs and I went for a sunrise morning hike at
San Tan Mountains. What a way to start Earth Day! We had an awesome time. The air was
still crisp, but the sun was warm and the energy was amazing.

Finally, I leave you with some Earth friendly & Earth Day related links:
* Planet Pals has some facts listed here that'll kinda blow your mind.
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* This site is dedicated to Earth Day information and events.
* Recycling 101 provided by the National Recycling Coalition, Real Simple
* Gorgeously Green, a site with ideas on how to live green and do it beautifully.
* The Ultimate Green Store for shopping in harmony with nature.
* Green and More, another green-things place to shop with lots of great ideas.
* Click here to learn the single most effective thing you can do to protect the planet.
* Earth Day crafts for kids or adults. :)

That's it for today. Happy Earth Day!!

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SplendidlyImperfect said...

Very cool. I didn't know that about the cow/water thing. To celebrate Earth Day, I went to Whole Foods, haha! I not only used my canvas bags, but I used my hemp produce bags as well. Ooh, and all my produce was local, except the bananas. Not a lot of local bananas around these parts. :)