Friday, April 23, 2010

{Mother's Day Gift Ideas, Part 1}

One of my hobbies is gift shopping -- finding the perfect gift for the person it's going to.
I find myself doing a lot of it throughout the year. There really is more happiness in
giving, as they say. It's so much fun to stumble upon the perfect thing, especially when
it's on sale, so it's ready for giving when the occasion arises.

Since Mother's Day is coming soon -- May 9th! -- I put together a gift giving guide full of
ideas to make shopping for your mom or the mother of your children a snap. More to come tomorrow.

** A lot of these ideas will translate to great gifts for birthdays and Christmas, too. **

Red Envelope has a lot of great gift ideas. (They also do lovely gift wrapping for $5).
Here's a link to what they have for her this year. Wonderful items include things to
pamper her like pajamas or cute outdoor candle holders and bird feeders for her yard.
Below, some jewelry sale items that are both great bargains and just as sweet as her.

1) Triple birthstone necklace. From Red Envelope. Sale price: $34.95.
2) This is also a Triple birthstone necklace, but it also has three strands. Sale price: $24.95.

1) Locket bracelet. Marked down from $150 to $49.99!
2) Symbol locket necklace. Sale price: $59.95

1) Mom's delicate charm necklace that represents her faith, integrity and loyal devotion.
Buyer reviews said it was small but still delicate and lovely. Sale price: $34.95.
2) Languages of mom necklace. They say "Mom, I love you" in Spanish, Italian or French.
Sale price $39.95.

For other Mother's Day jewelry ideas from Red Envelope, click here, here, or here.
Wanna skip the jewelry and get her something to match her hobbies or interests?

Blue-green mug set. Only $20. Found on

1) Coffee-tea cozy. Perfect for the mom who gets her cup to go. It's reusable & only $7.99!
2) Hand knit cup sleeve. So cute! You could put it on a cup filled with chocolate covered
espresso beans and a gift card to her favorite coffee or tea house. $8.75.
(Click here to see everything under "coffee cozy" on Etsy)

IngenuiTEA. This thing is so much fun to use! You put loose tea and hot water in it. Allow
time for steeping. Then, place the whole thing over your mug. The tea shoots into the mug, leaving the loose tea up top. A 16 oz. pot runs about $20. Pair it with her favorite tea flavor
and maybe even a great mug, too. (If you live in the east valley, they sell these at Urban Tea
Loft in dt Chandler.)

Gamila Company makes this cool tea stick, also for loose tea. It's BPA-free and only $12.


Hardwood Garden Stakes. Each of these twigs has a carved section for penciling in plant
info, so she can label everything she plants. Set for $18. From (a
delicious site to browse).

EasyBloom. It looks like a flower, but it measures temperature, sunlight, drainage, and
humidity. She can plug it into her computer for a graphic readout of conditions to know
exactly what her garden has gotten and what it needs. Price: $60.

Antique Garden Spoons. These might be the cutest things I've ever seen. If she has an
herb garden, she needs them. They're $59. If she doesn't have an herb garden but you
think she has the space and desire to make one, give her everything she needs to do it
in an herb garden care package. Just include starter seeds/plants, a few basic garden-
ing tools, and a print up of directions on how to do it from the Internet. You could do it for
$20-30. The feeling she'll get from the thought you put into it will be worth much more.


Uncommon Goods is a cool site with all kinds of totally unique items. Giving it a good look
through requires a few minutes, but it can be worth it if you find something that's 100%
nightlight ($38), these filigree lanterns ($30-100), this recycled yoga bag ($35), & this bowl
made from dry papaya ($55).

1) To love and to cherish sign. Price: $75. I take it back. This is the cutest thing I've ever
seen. This artist makes a variety of other signs and does made to order signs, too!
2) This way to the pool. Price: $25. (Both signs by same artist.) They also have 'welcome
to the porch' and signs in a ton of other topics ... cabin, lake house, alphabet, laundry, etc.

Switch Flips or Flats by Lindsay Phillips. $60-ish. These are brilliant. You buy a pair of
shoes and a few accessory pieces that snap onto said shoes, giving you a different look to
suit your mood and style of the day. She sells three kinds of shoes (pictured above) and
tons of cute colors and looks for snapping. Link to her site to find a retail location near you.

Fugi Instax Camera. Price: Under $100. This thing is sooooo cool. Be sure to get film, too.

These small, precious bowls are so cute! They come with lots of different messages. This one
is perfect for Mother's Day. Price: $16. And get the perfect-sized easel to display it. Price: $7.

Start a collection for her of special dishes. You could add to it one dish at a time each Mother's Day, birthday and Christmas. Or add to a collection she already has with a special piece.

Custom family pillow. Base price: $152

Apothocary jars. Found anywhere from Pottery Barn to TJMaxx. Also at JoAnne's and
Michael's. I got mine for $10-$30 each. The glass is clean, airy and crisp. They make a
fun way to decorate, as it's a perfect place to bring the seasons into your home. (Pine
cones and wine corks for fall. Ornaments at Christmas. Candy and "bones" at Halloween.)
She'll have fun changing them up throughout the year.

And I saved the best for last! A custom felt family portrait. Amazing. Yours for $135.

Hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration for your gift giving!
It's time for me to get productive and go take in some of this beautiful day.
I'll be back tomorrow with just a few more ideas. :)


Lis said...

shoot! Its been WAY too long since ive been able to have a good amount of time to blog stalk!! I just have to say THANK YOU!!! I have no idea what im gonna do! These are all FABULOUS IDEAS! Im seriously DYING over the family felt portrait!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

carlene federer said...

OMGosh, this is the cutest stuff, I want it all!!! Those knitted mug cozies are toooooo cute (we should learn to make those!) and those garden markers? tooooo cute too! I'm trying to think how I could make those...I've got the spoons, it's the engraving part that is stumping me for the moment, lol!