Saturday, April 24, 2010

{Mother's Day Gift Ideas, Part 2}

A lot of people like to do things of the pampering sort for their moms and wives on
Mother's Day. Afterall, rumor is ... these ladies work hard! Here's a few ideas that
are luxurious, pampering and just for her. All in a totally affordable price range.

(See Mother's Day Gift Ideas, Part 1 for tons more)

Bath bombs by Lush. Each about $6. They do a four pack in a cute, little box for $25.
Perfect if she enjoys taking baths. They fizz in the water and smell incredible, leaving
her with a happy experience and fabulous, refreshed skin. My favorite is the Honey
Bee Bath Bomb. Lush makes awesome handmade cosmetics in eco-friendly wrapping.

Pajamas. Something to make her feel sexy, comfortable, taken care of, beautiful, and
fresh. I go to TJMaxx or Marshals for these and almost always find something in a
nice fabric, good cut and colors for around $20. (I have a new favorite pair from there
that are so soft for $16.99. I feel great every time I put them on.) You can also look
online at where you might pay a little more, but you save yourself a trip
and they have a better selection with styles for all body and personality types. They
also have free shipping. You can find coupon codes here.

Make her a personalized gift basket, but don't just fill it up with junk for the sake of filling it.
Show her that you know her by hand picking things she loves. Some ideas: Her favorite
candy, tea, fruit, wine. A mug that represents something she loves. A gadget for the kitchen, crafting or other hobby. A CD or an iTunes gift card. Things in her favorite color. Candle in
her favorite scent. Something soft. A hand made coupon from you for a massage or dinner.
(That last one is if it's for your wife ... not your mom. Clearly.) Jewelry. A frame with a photo
of you/the kids. Something cute from her favorite boutique. A gift card for a pedicure. A
copy of a magazine you know she'll love. She'll swoon when she realizes how much thought
you put into it. Also, make sure the basket is nice so she'll want to keep it and use it in the everyday. (You can find great, affordable baskets at Hobby Lobby, Michael's and JoAnne's.) She'll think of you and your thoughtfulness every time she sees it. This one won't miss!

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by. :)


carlene federer said...

great mama's day giftie ideas! (and you are so right about the jammies at TJ's and Marshalls...sometimes even Ross)
All of those things would make lovely gifts to give or receive, thanx for the ideas!

Anderburf said...

Another great option for an eco-friendly Mother's Day gift is a gift set from Sustainable Sourcing They have gourmet gift sets of Himalayan pink salt/organic peppercorns and another with organic bath salts and massage stones. I love that Sustainable Sourcing uses eco-friendly business practices and donates money to environmental causes.