Wednesday, April 28, 2010

{Mother's Day Cards}

I've come to the conclusion that if I have enough supplies, it takes about the same amount
of time to make a ten pack of cards as it does to make one individual one. And it's so much
more rewarding!

This pack is for Mother's Day -- special notes for David's mother and stepmom and then
some others for our mom friends and sister-in-laws. All ladies who are dedicated moms
day in and day out. They were super simple to make, and they could be used for anything,
really, by modifying the message inside.

A few other notes:
* Happy birthday wishes to my friend, the lovely Miss Kim Baldwin!
* Is anyone planning to scrap on May 1st, National Scrapbooking Day?
* I'm off to go pick up David's new golf clubs, just in time for his birthday tomorrow.
(Don't worry. They weren't a surprise. He ordered them and knows they're in.)
* The bathroom is coming along so nicely!! I think the tile should basically be in
place today and grouted tomorrow. Can't explain the joy this is bringing me!
* Hope to find the last two pictures I need for the April photo hunt challenge today.
Sound and taste are my final two. I'll post the results on Friday the 30th.


Diane and Joe Baldo said...

GREAT rawk.
Hey, lets see pics of the bathroom completed!!

carlene federer said...

Love the scalloped edges and the layered flowers...TOO CUTE!
ps, I think I forgot how to scrapbook lol!