Thursday, April 29, 2010

{Digital Elements}

I had a decent collection of digital elements, all neatly ordered into folders and categories,
but I lost them when my PC laptop died late in 2009.

(Update on crashed computer: The hardrive was still under warranty. So, I got it replaced,
and instead of paying Best Buy Geek Squad $200 to install it and reconfigure my computer
-- again -- my darling husband recently figured it out himself for FREE!)

Anyway, the loss of all those digital elements has been bothering me ever since. Projects I
thought would be fun to make -- like a new blog banner -- were put on hold in the name of
downloading more elements so I would have them to work with.

That situation has now been rectified. Ahhh. I again have complete folders for alphabets,
paper, embellishments, and the rest. I still want to add to it, but glorious order is restored.

Me explaining how all this works would kind of be like me giving a grammar lesson in French.
I know just enough to be dangerous and get by. So, you would end up very confused.

It would be my pleasure to give a little direction, for those of you who are wondering ...
* I Googled "digital scrapbooking freebies".
* That lead me to this site. It tells you where to find them.
* I downloaded everything from here.

Making a new banner is the next step.

Few random things:
* Today is David's birthday (36) and our dating anniversary (11). **Time really does fly.** Happiest birthday wishes to my wonderful husband. I love you, and I'm looking forward to
celebrating tonight!
* Tomorrow, I'll post my entries for the photo hunt challenge. I just need to find one more
photo for the sound category. I'll take a photo of my iPod if all else fails, but I'm hoping
inspiration strikes today while I'm out and about.
* The tile is looking so insanely nice. They still have a few pieces to lay on the bathroom
floor and then the tile baseboards to do. After that, it's time for grout and sealer. Photos soon!
* As of tomorrow, I will have blogged every single day this month! Woot-woot. I've only
done that once before for National Blog Posting Month in November 2008. It's felt good!


Kristi said...

I also have a big collection of digi papers & elements but I haven't gotten anything new in probably a year now!

carlene federer said...

You'll have to come give me a tutorial on all the elements you're using, very cool!
And happy anniversary, hope you're doing something fun tonight!!!

Amy said...

Thanks for the tip!! I am going to have to do some Google-ing now. :) I just found your blog and I love it!!

~Amy (a fellow AZ blogger)