Friday, April 30, 2010

{Photo Hunt Challenge #7 RESULTS}

I can't tell you how much I love that Kristi graciously hosts this thing! Several newbies
joined in this month (Carlene, Lindsay and Kelly). So, I was excited to see that. Below
are my entries for the April 2010 installment of the Photo Hunt Challenge. I had a great
time with it, as usual, and was thrilled to have my camera out more because of it.

You can link to all the entries here (staring on the 1st). Posts with the favorites to each
category will show up throughout the month of May, starting on the 7th. So, stop by and
vote for your favorite photographs! The next photo hunt challenge will be in June. So, get
your cameras ready, if you want to join. The more the merrier!

A Different Point of View

A Perspective Shot






Sign of Spring (or autumn)


A letter formed/found in nature





Mother Earth

Something Rare

Something Healthy

Something Colorful

Something Spicy

Something Triangular


Nukke said...

I think perspektive is your best pic !!!!! I also like touch, smell, rare and healthy !!!!
Thank you so much for your comment! I'm glad that you found my pics different maybe more like Scandinavian pics. I just love this Photo Hunt and I love taking pics. Feel free to visit my blog in future too. There will be lots of pics of Finnish nature :)

Amanda D said...

I love the perspective shot too. And the hummingbird is amazing. The trio is great too. Great job!

alita said...

Samara, when I saw your hummingbird picture my mouth dropped open. It is spectacular. The wing flutter that is so clear. Well done! I also enjoyed your Spicy (I was stumped for spicy up here in Michigan) and your triangle shot is so creative. Are there many houses with that architecture where you live? That would be something rare here, but you know that since you lived here.

No, I don't live in Arizona. My hubby's sister lives there so we travel down there about 1- 2 times a year. We're considering a move, too. I absolutely love it there. I am especially fond of taking pictures while I am there. I love that cactus shot, too. I took it while we were hiking up the Santa Catalinas. Was it a hard adjustment to the living environment once you moved down? My SIL would never say anything negative because she is dying for us to move down, ha.

Shelle said...

Hi Samara, 1st I must say thank you for all that wonderful feedback for the challenge. I''ve only been photographing 6 months, and really have no clue how 'professional' my photos are...

I just love some of these country things you've snapped...i really miss that. American 'outback' is so different from the aussie...

firstly wonderful photos...I expect to see great shots everywhere...i love the fun of spicy & smell, and your trio is just adorable, and the movement and colours are wonderful...were they running from you?

Your humming bird & bees are exquisite...I know how difficult it is to catch those moving critters...and the water shots have a great feel. YOur organ reminds me of my Mum's I played growing up...sweet memories...and now I have to go eat because your food is making me hungry and we were at a track meet all day for my daughter and it was very hot and exhausting...i also see you did some renovating...i must duck back and check that out...thanks for the fun visit.

PaddyMac said...

A great set, but adore your smell photo.

Jill said...

Awesome pictures! I especially loved your flower shot!...and GREAT idea for smell shot.

Mominin said...

What a great set of pictures! Your hummingbird photo is spectacular!

Rhonda said...

Your selections are all awesome. Touch, Spring and Spicy are my favorites!

kaye said...

my favorites were flower and rare, nice job on your photo hunt. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

Faith said...

wow, girl, awesome pics! the water shots were both great and wow on the hummingbird shot! The triangular house was cool, too! Nice work!

carlene federer said...

Excellent pix! I love that you caught the bees in the flower shot, and an excellent cow pic, she looks so sweet! Very clever with the something 'spicy' I enjoyed your play on words (or is it a play on pix? lol!) there! And of course I love the skull, and where was the perspective pic shot? The Farm? In any case, very cool, loved all your pix girl! And thanx for encouraging me to play, it was a blast, am looking forward to the June one, since I didn't have the time I wanted for this one! Keep me posted and remind me when it's time to play again! FUN!

Raquel said...

It was hard to pick! I ended up choosing 'smell', 'flowers' and 'something rare'. Nice work.

ShutterNinja said...

I have only ever taken portraits, so for me shooting other things has been a challenge. Thanks for posting such great pics so I can see how it's done! I love them all but the perspective shot is my favorite!

kaye said...

thought I'd come back and thank you for your nice comments. I really enjoyed the creativity of your shots. I was wondering if your "spicy" shot is a photo of a painting? and your food looks absolutely delicious. It makes me hungry. As I went through them again I'd still pick the hummingbird as my favorite. What a magnificent and rare capture. thanks again for stopping by.

malandbrian said...

Thanks for your sweet comments! I could have sworn I commented here because I love your photos oh so much! But apparently I did not. But anyway, I love perspective, touch is adorable and the hummingbird is amazing!!
Mal- Simple Nothings

Michelle Leigh said...

Stunning shots Samara! I love them all and the ducklings one is simply amazing! Great work! You are awesome!

Ang said...

man oh man! you NEVER lack in quality... there are only a handful of people with entires I look forward to... and you are always one of those people! Great work!

Mom24 said...

Great shots! I love the flowers, something rare and the trio.

Kristi said...

Sam, Sam, SAM!!! You have such an eye! That perspective shot is awesome and the hummingbird? No way!! And the water shot? Both are my faves!!

Kristi said...

and I forgot to mention the bees on the flower! Wow girl!! I insist you include some of your own photos in the favorites, if you didn't I am going to add them!!

Colleen said...

Taste looks delicious! I love the bees in the flower shot and your hummingbird is amazing!