Monday, April 26, 2010

{DIY Baby Onesie}

I bought a super cute pair of leg covers as part of a baby gift for a friend, but I had trouble finding a onesie to match. (According to the retailers I visited, kids don't wear black in
spring.) So, I got a little cardigan and embellished a onesie with supplies I already had.

It's nothing amazingly original -- just add ribbon and buttons. It was my first go at it though,
and I had a lot of fun putting it together. I used an embroidery stitch to secure the ends of
the ribbon and to hold the ribbon to the onesie. Then, I sewed the buttons on, (nice and tight
with a double stitch so they won't come off and become a hazard for the baby). It was all
much easier to do once I secured my work surface down with an embroidery hoop.

If the mom has some little white bloomers, even better. (I couldn't find any. Do you
know where they're sold?)

The leg covers (which can also be worn on the arms) were made by my friend, Julie in the
great state of Texas. She makes infant and toddler sizes. They're great for kiddos when
they crawl on hard wood or tile floors. Plus, they're just cute. :) FYI, you can see everything
Julie makes on her blog or on Facebook.


Kristi said...

What an adorable gift idea!! I love how you altered the onesie, too cute!

TruJen Phtography said...

I can't wait until Kate can wear these! My cousin's girl was wearing a pair yesterday. They're perfect for little crawlers! And they're just so darn cute!!!

BTW, David does a great job helping you with your photo shoots! :o) Ha!

Samara Link said...

You noticed that wasn't my big, hairy arm in the last photo! I thought that was nice of him, too.

I'm glad you're excited about the outfit and the little leggings.
They are pretty cute. I love the toddler size she makes for arm covers with a short sleeve shirt.
It's a great way to change up style, but it's also a nice way to get more use of spring/summer
shirts in the fall/winter if they still fit them then. Super cute.

carlene federer said...

soooooo cute!!! I want some of those arm covers and leggings for me! (PS, you know where to keep your armies? In your sleevies! LOLOL)