Thursday, April 01, 2010

{Resolution Time: April 2010 Edition}

Happy April Fool's. :) Did you play a trick on anyone today?
First day of the month = Time to check in with my resolution for 2010.

1) Evaluate how I did with my March Plan
2) Make three new goals for April

March Resolution Review:

NOTE: Being sick took the wind out of my sails for the first half of the month. I made the
last half of March count when it came to meeting my goals though.

1. Water the creative drought I've been in.
* Finally finished an embroidery project that I've been very slowly working on for a few
months and then got started on a new one.
* Made a baby gift for the Truman family!
* Edited and sent the photos I took of Alejandra in February.
* Started editing Jen's maternity shoot, taken in February.
* Did a photo shoot of Cynthia and her family in Laveen and started editing.
(Pictures of all these creative things coming soon.)

2. Take in some local culture.
* Went to see Our Town at Fountain Hills Community Theater with David. It starred Liz,
an ASU friend of mine, and it was amazing. It was a cultural experience, a date and a great
way to support a friend all in one.
* Volunteered at a Special Olympics Basketball Tournament in Mesa on a Friday afternoon where I smiled about a thousand times watching the games and talking to the players.
* Went to Third Friday Art Walk in downtown Chandler. Had dinner at Kokepelli Winery,
sampled locally made wines, listened to a lovely two piece jazz band, and chatted with local several photog, jewelry, and craft vendors. It was a very fun night out!
* Spent the day at the Tempe Art Fair with D. (One of my fav things of the year.)
* Made plans for the Phoenix Film Festival in early April.

3. Get outside. Enjoy the sun and the amazing weather we're having.
* Did some yard work; had lunch on two new-to-me, totally lovely patios; went for a few
walks with the dogs ...
*The 3rd Friday Art Walk in Chandler and the Tempe Art Fair (mentioned above) were
both outside. I had a fabulous time at both, and it was nice because one was during the
day and the other in the evening. Variety!
* And I drove with my windows down a lot. :)
* I have plans for a sunset bike ride around the neighborhood tonight. I didn't do a very
good job with this goal. So, I'm going to keep working on it in April.

For our combined resolution to go on at least one date a month, David and I ...
* Saturday night dinner (where we were both just barely getting over being sick, and I blew
my nose 30 times at the table, meaning there was nothing sexy about this date!) at a new
Vietnamese place right by the house. We loved the food.
* Went back to the same Vietnamese restaurant two weeks later.
* Drove out to Fountain Hills to see Our Town and had dinner at Pita Jungle on the way back.
* Spent the day together at the Tempe Art Festival ... breakfast at Chompies and
lunch/dinner at House of Tricks on the patio!!
* Sunday dinner (Pita Jungle) and a movie (Green Zone).
All this made March our most successful date month yet in 2010. :)

Also, I want to touch base on a few leftover details from February:
1. The goal was to do organizing around the house including important papers, etc.
* I finished that goal in March with Project Organization, Part 2.

2. The goal was to take a class just for fun.
* Signed up for Sewing 101 at JoAnne's in April.

April Resolutions:
1. Get a TAN. (I'm so white, it's wrong.)
2. Attend to three things around home that bother me every time I see them. (Zen 101.)
3. Donate blood.

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Kristi said...

Great photo of you!I always love your goals and the way you hold yourself accountable