Tuesday, March 02, 2010

{Resolution Time: March 2010 Edition}

First second day of the month = Time to check in with my resolution for 2010.
(A day late because I have what I assume to be the plague and had to spend the last
two days on the couch. Oigh.)

1) Evaluate how I did with my February Plan
2) Make three new goals for March

February Resolution Review:
1. Get all important paperwork organized including computer, house, coupons/receipts,
contact info, etc.
* I've been working on this and am more organized for it. (Yay!) I started with some basic organization. Most of part one was about getting things back to where they belonged
and in order. I sorted through coupons. I found new tools to get me organized, including
a fresh address book, planner and a new carry-with-me-organization-folder for papers and receipts. I loved on drawers and the closet. Things were donated and tucked into bins in the name of decluttering. Glorious, organization! Part two is only one-third of the way done.
I typed up all my addresses and bought address labels so I'll be ready to print labels for
holiday cards next year. The other two parts are in progress. I'll post when they're done.

2. Take a class just for fun.
* Signed up at Tumbleweed Rec Center and began taking yoga (Monday, Friday) and
Pilates (Wednesday). I was out of town mid-month. So, I took these classes the first
and last weeks of the month and totally enjoyed it! I also signed up for Sewing 101 at
JoAnne's on the 17th, but I ended up not being able to make it in the name of finishing
a slideshow that I had committed to before going out of town on the 18th. I will be
signing up for that class -- and taking it -- soon.

3. Establish a new routine. (I'm kind of floundering without the structure of school.)
* This one was kind of a bust. After I set the goal, I planned a trip to be out of town for
a week. We had another long weekend planned right after it. Then I was sick the last
three days of the month. So, it was a short month made much shorter from all that. I'm
excited about starting classes at the Rec Center though. That's a healthy start to my
morning a few days a week. I'll keep working on this in March.

For our combined resolution to go on at least one date a month, David and I ...
* Weeknight dinner at Thai Basil.
* Barb's powder puff game, lunch at Gordan Biersch and clothes shopping for D.
* Went to New Mexico for four days and even though we didn't see each other much
and were with other people when we did, it was still nice to get away together.

March Resolutions:
1. Water the creative drought I've been in.

2. Take in some local culture.

3. Get outside. Enjoy the sun and the amazing weather we're having.


Trujen said...

Before I comment on your Feb. resolutions, I want to say I think it's great you're continuing this monthly resolution in 2010. (I don't think I even read Jan.'s review, sorry!)

1-organization, so inspiring! I too cleaned out my purse and bought one of those expando-wallet things. Now I hope to keep it up! I also cleaned out the baby's closet (which have a mix of my stuff and Jack's). Scott also cleaned out his closet and I can almost fit into it! So, thanks for starting that! You're great idea spread throughout my house!

2-Class for fun! Super awesome! I hope you love yoga and pilates! More details on that when you can!!!

3-New routine, I think just getting back into your house is good enough! I'm sure all that traveling you did calls for a good lounge around the homestead!

You're March resolutions sound great! Can't wait to see where the creativity takes you. Best wishes!

Steph said...

Congrats on your resolutions. I'm really not good at them... wish I was though!

carlene federer said...

I always so admire your goal setting at the first of the month! Great way to organize thoughts, etc...I need to implement your plan! and yoga and shopping and eating out sound FUN! YAY YOU!