Sunday, March 07, 2010


I love the Truman family. They're good peeps. :)

So, it was my pleasure to hang out with them recently. Jen and I were overdue
for a visit. She was interested in having me take her maternity photos, and I
wanted to spend some time with her while she was still pregnant with kiddo #2.

Disclaimer: It's always so hard to figure out who I'm going to see when I go home.
There are a lot of people I miss and need to connect in that area, and while near,
many of them are still one to four hours away by car. It's always stressful for me.
Do I run around trying to see everyone and feel frazzled by the end? Or do I take
a vacation for me and enjoy quality time with a few people? Option number two
has been winning the last few years.

This time, I stayed in Mason. For the first time, I actually stayed with Jen instead
of just visiting with her during the days. It was wonderful! I spent four nights with
her (and two night just ten quick minutes away with David's parents). I totally
enjoyed myself!

It was good to be "home" ... to bond with Jack ... to see Scott and Jen together ...
to experience a little of Jen's pregnancy ... to feel winter weather ... to catch up in
person ... to eat at some of my old places ...

Speaking of eating, we did our share! Jen prepares fabulous, complete meals every
single night. It's amazing. That girl can cook! We had dinner at the table every night
too, which was a special treat for me. She also makes killer brownies. I've been craving
(but resisting) them ever since I got back to Phoenix.

This kid is pretty cool. :) Jack was so good when I was there. We
played lots of hide-and-seek. I also got pretty good at interpreting
Jack talk. (He has an awesome vocabulary, but his Grandma Hector
is right -- it takes about 24 hours of being with him before his
pronunciation is clear.) He is a total pleasure to be around. Scott
and Jen have so obviously done a great job raising him. He's a great kid.

I made a new boyfriend while I was there, too. This is one seriously
affectionate cat. I have officially offered my services as his god-mother
should they ever be needed. I love Mickey and Mickey loves me.

Finally, Jen and I had a photo session. This is just a sneak peek!
I'll share more once I have a chance to edit them.

Thanks for everything, guys! You were incredible hosts. It's crazy to think
the next time I see you, you'll have a whole new family member!


Kristi said...

Sounds like a very nice time!

carlene federer said...

Great pix, LOVE those groovy sunglasses lol!

TruJen Phtography said...

You are so, so sweet! I blushed a few times while reading this post.

Scott, Jack, Myself and Mickey loved having you in our home. You are family to us. You and D are always welcome in our home. (Hopefully we'll have a different one by that time!)

This part is for everyone to read:
Sam is an excellent photographer!! I had so much fun with her creative poses and ideas. I've seen all the pictures she took and I can not wait to see what she picks to play with and show all.

Sam, thank you for coming up to Michigan during one of our ugliest weeks of weather. You're a wonderful friend (THE BEST!!) and I'm very lucky to have you!
You are my Samshine!
:o) Love you!

Samara Link said...

p.s. When David looked at this, he said Mickey looks cool. I think that means he's ready for another cat!!!! :)

Jenny said...

Oh My Gawd! Jack looks EXACTLY like my little sister when she was a kid. They say everyone has a twin. Unbelievable. - AMR's Mom.