Monday, March 08, 2010

{Bird Watching}

My trip to see Jen was punctuated with exclamation points, including two days with
Jim and Sandy (David's parents). It was so good to see them. I hadn't been to Michigan
since the end of 2006 -- too long. I got to see a few changes they made to their place
and, more importantly, them in their space. It was really nice.

Mom and I had an awesome day on our first outing -- lunch at our favorite Alladin's
in Frandor -- LOVE that place. We hit a couple stores in East Lansing, including my
long time favorite, Mackerel Sky. Then, we headed to Old Town to poke around -- an
area that has absolutely blossomed since we moved out of Michigan nine years ago.
We only made it into three or four places because we were having such a great time
looking, shopping, chatting, and generally enjoying ourselves to bits. Finally, we
met up with Jim at Spag's for dinner and then it was home for Hershey Kisses, the
Olympics and a beautiful fire. It was basically a perfect day!

I like to take a few minutes to roam outside when I go to Jim and Sandy's. They live on a beautiful piece of property, and it's dotted with loveliness. Their bird feeders in front and
back attract gorgeous birds, year round. I was determined to capture a red cardinal with
my camera. They are so vibrant and rich against the gray backdrop of winter. But first I
had to pay a visit to the members of the family who live in the barn.

And I couldn't leave without saying hello to Reba, the barn cat, who has
been such a wonderful subject for photos in the past. She was all curled
up in her hay bed under the warmth of her heat lamp, but she was more
than happy to come out for treats and a little attention.

Then, I was off to find the birds. They all scrammed upon my arrival except
for this guy, who was working fast and furious for his early dinner.

I realized I was going to have to go a little deeper into the yard and wait patiently if I
was going to trick that cardinal into coming near enough. So, off I went, but the only
red I saw for quite some time were these juicy berries.

Then suddenly, without ceremony or much meandering, someone made a quick
appearance that absolutely made my day!

It was about that time that I started to realize how cold it was.

Just ask this guy. It was no picnic out there ...

So, that was it for my winter adventure! I enjoyed all twenty minutes of it. :)
Maybe next year I'll go back with proper clothing and have the chance to
photograph a blue jay.

"When snow falls, nature listens." ~Antoinette van Kleeff


Trujen said...

Beautiful photography Sam! Just beautiful! Isn't it nice to have a big yard to play in! The Phillips have a wonderful yard! And those cardinals are breathtaking. I only saw one from the photo contest but both are wonderful. And I still think mom would love copies! :o)

Love the horse photos too, btw! I love the nose angle! Fun!
PS, when I'm allowed to walk downstairs I'll make a post on Katie!

Lindsey said...

Sounds like you had fun. I live right around the corner from Spag's - within walking distance, which is dangerous ;)