Wednesday, February 17, 2010

{Project Organization, Part 1}

This was a good month for me to set my organization project goal.
I've had a chance to be home and get to some things, and it feels SO GOOD.
I've been bragging to David about how organized I am, but he isn't as
impressed with me as I am with myself. :)

1) I tackled my office closet -- putting craft supplies and pictures back into their place; a
job I did in sections, spending 15 minutes to an hour on several different days. One of the
small projects I did in there that I'm loving? I condensed gift wrap paper rolls into one bin
(from two), putting rubber bands at the top and bottom of each so they stay neat. That
gave me some space to designate a spot for tissue paper, which had been tucked into a
bunch of different places before. Ahhhh.

2) I went through papers, stacks and drawers to eliminate junk that went into the recycle bin.

3) My wallet is always packed with receipts, and I'm constantly misplacing papers I need
for returns, etc. That had me feeling anxious and disorganized, and it wasted time and
money. No more! I searched high and low for a small organizer that I could keep with
me in my purse. I must have looked in ten places (Target, the grocery store, office supply stores, craft stores, Etsy, etc.) before finding this from Off Robury on Etsy. I love it! It has
me feeling so TOGETHER!! This was my biggest and most exciting organization project
of the month. Not only do I have all my papers in one, easy to navigate spot, but my wallet doesn't look like it belongs to a bum anymore. I just bought one for my MIL too.

4) It was time to replace my old address book. Things, written in ink, were crossed out.
There were old, random coupons stuck to the back of it since I don't even know when.
I found this new book by Real Simple at Target. It has extra blank labels in the back. So,
if you need to, you can cover a changed address with a fresh sticker. I wrote everything
with pencil and put the pencil in the binding so it'll be there for changes and additions.

5) A new planner was also in order. This cheapy one that I had from before didn't come
with the dates written in. So, I had to do that a couple months at a time. Not efficient.
Plus, I was pretty much to the end of it anyway. I got this new, sturdier one at the grocery
store. Nothing fancy but it's clean, fresh, and has me feeling more put together.

6) I had extra decorations -- things I'm not currently using but want to keep so I can
change things out from time to time. They were stashed (piled) in the top shelf of our
guest room closet. I bought a new bin to hold all of it, and it'll now take it's place in the
garage so we can do something more useful in the closet.

7) We also donated a ton of stuff that we weren't using/didn't need anymore. It was
liberating! We had a dozen bags and two small pieces of furniture that went out for pick
up. Volunteers of America does a drive by, monthly I think. They send us a little note in
the mail saying what day they will be in our neighborhood. All we have to do is put it in
sight of the road and mark it as a donation. They'll collect it for us, and we don't even
have to be here. It's awesome.

That's it for now. This was just some of the stuff I needed to do so I could think straight.
More to come later in the month. I plan on kicking this goals ass!


Miss M! said...

You've been busy! Doesn't it feel good to get those things done though? I keep a shopping bag (the sturdy paper kind with the handles) and every time I come across something that I don't need/want anymore it goes in the bag. When it's full it goes to Goodwill - no clutter! Yay!

Lis said...

OoOoH! Organizing your stuff looks FUN to me. Other peoples stuff always looks more fun though. Im sure youve got LOTS of cool things I would LOVE TO OWN!!!!

carlene federer said...

Please oh please would you come over to my house and organize it? With sugar on top?
LOL! Feels so good to get it all together huh? Congrats!

Trujen said...

I tried looking for your organizer after you left. I could only find yucky plastic ones. Still on the search though. it's a fantastic idea Sam! You're so cleaver!