Monday, February 01, 2010

{Resolution Time: February 2010 Edition}

This is the 500th post on Link Adventures! (Insert cheering noises here.)


First day of the month = Time to check in with my resolution for 2010.

1) Evaluate how I did with my January plan
2) Make three new goals for February

January Resolution Review:
1. Operation Start My Career: Make my resume tape. Finish my resume. Write a cover letter. Get my online profile up. Make some decisions about my game plan and begin moving forward with this first big step into my career.
* I put a lot of this off in the name of waiting until the last of our company was gone. So, I didn't get to it all, but I did make some good progress. Resume and cover letter are done and ready to be reviewed. I got all my video off the server at school. I bought and uploaded Final Cut Pro Express so I can edit at home. (Yay!) I haven't edited my resume tape together yet. That'll be this week, for sure. I'll post my online profile as soon as I have someone look over my resume. And I've come up with a rough plan for my job search that I feel great about! I'm almost ready to execute the plan, and I'm quite excited to get started.

2. Go on an adventure. It's time to get out of Phoenix and see something NEW, camera in hand.
*Done and done. Horseback riding in Tucson was my out of town adventure. For something closer to home, I went on a tour of historic downtown Chandler. Totally enjoyed both and got
the fix I was looking for. There are so many wonderful things to see and do in Arizona. I love
that about living here.

3. Find and try some new healthy, meatless recipes. Experiment with at least three meat substitute products.
* It was a good month for meatless meals at the house. David's not going all the way, but he
has been happy eating more meatless meals. In fact, he's been requesting it! :)
Tried two new vegetarian recipes that we both really liked: Cuban Black Bean Stew with Rice
and Vegetarian Chili. I also ventured into the world of meatless substitutes. Kinda strange,
actually! I tried Yves Meatless Ham on a couple sandwiches, and I've bought some protein
dogs that I haven't had the guts to try yet. My fear is that they've tried to make them taste
like hot dogs, a taste I do not enjoy. That's about all I could find at Fry's (where we do the
bulk of our grocery shopping). Still want to try something else, for adventure sake. I heard Whole Foods has a decent selection. So, I'll be hitting them up, too. I'm fairly certain, after
the meat substitute venture that it's not for me though. I'm more of a plant protein girl.

For our combined resolution to go on at least one date a month, David and I ...
* Went to see Invictus on a Saturday afternoon, followed by dinner at home.
* Dinner & a great conversation at Pita Jungle and a trip to the Apple Store to browse.

February Resolutions:
1. Get all important paperwork organized including computer, house, coupons/receipts,
contact info, etc.

2. Take a class just for fun.

3. Establish a new routine. (I'm kind of floundering without the structure of school.)

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