Friday, April 02, 2010

{Spring Fairies Have Taken Up Residence}

The weather here has been amazing. Spring has totally sprung!
It's been really nice to actually get outside and enjoy it.The trees
that line our streets are leaf bearing once again. I love that.

Our neighbors gave us a bunch of aloe plants. These are the small ones, and they
came with one huge one, too. Awesome. They've all been replanted into the earth
and are just waiting to be of service for cuts and sunburns.

Norah and Killian have deemed the pool less frigid and ready for swimming.
It's still a little too chilly for people, but I've dipped my toes in (quickly!) and
I'm getting excited for swimming season. It's just around the corner.

They've also enjoyed the warm sun from the lounge chairs, grass or pool deck.
(Their dad and I smile every time we see them doing this. Bestill my heart, they're cute.)

Our windows have been open everyday, all day -- letting in the sounds of singing
birds and the smell of orange blossoms. Although, in the past week, we've seen
the need to close them up for a few hours in the afternoon. I am trying to resist
using the air conditioner. So far, so good for the most part.

Our yard is happy now. God, it was a mess out there. The rain we got in February
-- along with the general lack of landscaping attention in December and January --
had officially caught up with us. Order has been restored now. Whew.

Truth is -- I'm happier for it, too. This weather makes my insides smile. It's feels good
to be outside a little more. I like our corner of the world here in Arizona, and I totally
dig spring. (Even though it's so short lived.) It's such a lovely time of year! I'm excited
to enjoy the weather with David over the long weekend. Hope you do, too, wherever
you are!

Photos -- courtesy of spring magic in Arizona -- coming your way over the weekend. :)

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