Thursday, May 21, 2009

{Just Nine}

May resolution #2.
Spend nine minutes a day in meditation.

This is Chelsie inspired. She said meditation doesn't have to be
this big, complicated, tantric exercise. Rather, nine minutes a
day of simple form meditation can actually go a long way.

In her words:
"This simple act of focused meditation for a short period of
time can reduce stress hormones in the body, decrease
anxiety and help your overall mood. You may not have much
time, but nine minutes is all you need to create good change
in your mental health. You are worth it."

I've started meditating in the past, but I lacked discipline and
understanding of what to do. So, I always gave up on it. The
whole idea behind this goal -- start small and simple.

She said to focus on one thing with details. (i.e., imagine all the
clothes in your closet exactly as they hang -- one by one -- or
to imagine every single, little step required to do a project that
you do). I figure once I can focus entirely on one thing for the
entire nine minutes without other thoughts or distractions
creeping in, I'll add and adjust my thoughts, or lack thereof.
Sitting in silent concentration with still and straight posture
for nine minutes is harder then I thought it would be, but it's
totally doable with intent.

This month -- with company, finals and being in a funk the week
after finals -- I've had the worst start of the year on my monthly
resolutions. Not impressive. I'm finally getting some traction
now though, and I'm looking forward to following through with
my nine minutes of meditation a day for awhile. Anxious to see
if it makes a difference. After just a few days of it, I think it is.



Olivia said...

I could you some meditation! Hmmm...if I could just find the time ;)

Olivia said...

Um...I meant "use" not "you". Obviously I need to meditation to clear the cobwebs! That or stop watching Grey's while I'm typing!

e said...

good luck with your meditation. I could use some of that too. maybe I'll try it before bed. I have the hardest time shutting my brain down.

if you come across anymore tips on this subject please post. :)