Friday, May 22, 2009

{Calling All Cats}

Somewhere along the line I started feeding Oliver a tiny bit of
wet cat food every morning. (I originally got it as a special treat,
but then he liked it so much, and who am I to say no when he
asks?) Then, grandma came to town, and he conned her into
giving it to him in the evening, too. Another new habit was
born. He won't let me off the hook. Twice a day, it is.

After trying no less than eight brands, many of which Oliver
wouldn't even touch and many others that he would eat only
a little bit of -- I found he has one very clear favorite. This
stuff is awesome! Tons of real seafood. No junk. And according
to O, it's delicious. :)

It's 99 cents for a little can and $1.99 for a bigger can.
So, it's not cheap. The runner up in this taste challenge
seemed to be the much more inexpensive but still quality
Trader Joe's wet cat food. Only 47 cents a can.

Just an fyi for cat lovers.
Have a good Friday.


Hope Strickland said...

Hi Samara, I never introduced our cat to moist food, we just stick to the dry, but, now that we are on the subjects of cats, i just bought a new handy dandy litter box that saves on litter and is sooooo easy to dont have to scoop...If interested check out my blog...under blog link "rusty" (thats our cats name)

Trujen said...


Kristi said...

I need to find a Trader Joe's!