Tuesday, May 19, 2009

{She Came. She Saw. She Conquered.}

We took Sandy (David's mom) camping when she was here for a
visit. It was her first time to ever sleep in a tent, and her second
time to go camping. She did great! It was like she'd done it a
dozen times.

We went back to Potato Patch again, a great camp site at the
top of Migus Mountain (above Jerome and Prescott in Arizona).
The first night was really cloudy, which trapped in some of the
heat from the day. It was nice that it wasn't as cold as we had
expected, but it was really windy. So, our tent would flap in
the wind, just enough to make you think a bear might be out
there, pawing to get in. The second night was the opposite --
colder but not windy. We were bundled and happy though.

This was David's 35th birthday weekend and the third time
we've gone camping for his birthday! We had a nice time.
Here are a few photos:

The end.


Trujen said...

Great photos! Especially the two of you and D! It's nice to see the two of you together in a photo. Being the primary photo taker that you are, I'm sure you really appreciate it when someone is around who can snap a few off of the two of you.
I also love the one of just you! That color really makes you're beautiful eyes pop. It looks like you've got some great color! (Jealous!!!!) :o)

I'm glad you had a nice time camping. Although, next time you should have Sandy sleep on the other side of your camp site. Not much room for you know what!! MEOW!

Kristi said...

The view from up there is breathtaking! I would love to go camping in the AZ mtns again, its been 10 years!

carlene federer said...

Looks gorgeous, and it actually sounds a little bit like fun to be cold for a change, lol!
Great photos as usual, and happy belated b-day to your hubby!

Olivia said...

David's mom is SO CUTE! Looks like fun :)

e said...

that looks like a fun time! Sandy is a cutie!!

Sue Thomas said...

It looks like a wonderful time was had by all!!! Makes me want to get my tent out and plan a trip right now!!!