Sunday, May 17, 2009


I felt kinda flat and unmotivated in all departments last week. 
Physically, socially, mentally. Beating myself up over some stupid 
things. Not sure what that was all about. Part of it may have been 
coming down from finishing a semester. Maybe I was missing D. 
And there was some indecision there about how I want to spend 
my time in the next several weeks while I'm off school. During 
times of transition, it always takes me a minute to figure out 
what I'm doing and why.

This week, I will have a different kind of week. 

It's time to refocus. 
And give myself permission to have some fun. (When I have time 
off like this, I feel guilty because David's working, and I think I 
should be, too.)

It's Sunday morning. Start of a new week. David is on a run 
right now. When he gets back, we'll have the whole day to 
spend together. He leaves tomorrow morning for the week.
So, I want to make the day with him count. I am going to do 
some thinking about my plans for next week though so I can 
come out of the gates tomorrow ... like Rachel Alexander.  

Pitter, patter. Let's get at her.
Starting now...


Trujen said...

I hope you decide to have LOTS of fun!! You totally deserve it! And I can't wait to hear what plans you make! I love you girl!

Lis said...

awww! Im sorry! I hope you feel better! Somestimes I just get like that. In moods and it takes a LOT to get me out of it. I usually FORCE my self to do something creative and then I feel better!

Kristi said...

Here's to the start of a beautiful new week!

e said...

i hope you are feel better altogether!