Saturday, May 09, 2009


One from last fall.
The other, our first assignment from this semester.
Both are shorties.

First -- A 5k walk/run put on by the Lupus Foundation,
Arizona Chapter. An easy piece -- just went to this event to
cover it -- knowing everything would all be in one place.
I might be a thirty something student, but I still look for
easy solutions to assignments just like the next guy. (We
were actually encouraged to do events like this at the

Some of my shots are a little blown out (too light). I've mostly
learned how to avoid that now. Having better cameras helps.


The assignment for this piece -- go out and shoot footage of our
new ASU downtown campus. Later, we went out to get a couple
interviews that would fit the video, and then we added a script.
None of us were really excited by the topic -- kinda blah -- but
it was still good practice in finding good characters. At the time,
I didn't know how to do graphics introducing the people speaking
on camera. So, I'll do that here:

TJ -- lives, works & goes to school at the new DT ASU campus.

Mary -- lives & goes to school in Tempe but works downtown

The other guy in here is the VP of the design build company that
built Taylor Place (the dorms) and some of the other surrounding
stuff like Taylor Place Mall.

That's a wrap.


TruJen Phtography said...

YEA!!!! I can't tell you enough how syked I am that you're posting these. You're stories are great and your videos are fantastic!!! (Guy in Campus story is CUTE!!!) :o)

carlene federer said...

OK, I can't even critique you anymore because your pieces are as good or better than any of the ones I see on the local news, stories, camera work, the whole enchilada!
Great work!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Sam, you were meant to be a journalist! These were both fantastic. I forgot they were your pieces for a was like watching the real news! Bravo

Lis said...

Those are frikkin AWESOME! How come youre not working for FOX??? (or any other news stations, i cant remember which ones are out there) But they should all be running after you!!! Like I said, I can say I KNOW YOU when youre famous!! haha!