Friday, May 08, 2009

{Welcome Wagon}

David's mom was here recently.

Sandy. Mom.

For six days.

It was nice.

She had a long travel day getting here and was certainly
tired at 11pm our time, as it was 2am where she had just
come from.

Killian and Norah snuggled up to make sure she knew she
was welcome and had been missed. 'Scuse the living room
night lighting...

Norah, resident love bug.

And her Kills.

She also got to bond with Oliver for the first time. He had her
trained a couple hours into her first morning here. With a
loud meow, he led her to the pantry and the fridge where
his things are. Apparently, he sized her up and determined
she was trainable.

More later on the adventure we took together during her stay.


Sue Thomas said...

Oh how sweet!! Your animals sure know how to make a person feel welcome!!!

lisaschaos said...

Precious! :) Lots a love in there!