Friday, May 01, 2009

{Resolution Time: May}

Sticking to my '09 resolution to make three new resolutions
for every month. The new month means it's time to:
~ review how I did with March goals
~ make three new goals for April

April Resolution Review:
1. Composting
* I am fully composting!
* Bin is set up and in use.
* Added six large mixing bowls full of food scraps so far.
* Water and mix it every other day.
* Put a 2nd layer of carbons/browns in there.
* Thinking I need to get a storage bin for collected browns
so I can have them ready and waiting when I need them.
* Watched a few YouTube videos to learn more.
* Happy to see David getting involved and interested in it.

2. Spend some quality time with my camera.
* Finally got my camera cleaned. Best $35 I've spent in awhile.
* Got busy and didn't take one photo through the 9th. :(
* Had a great time doing and completing photo scavenger hunt.
* Took my camera with me most days. Loved that.
* Got protective covers for my lenses. On Sale! Long overdue.
* Took almost 700 pictures this month. No events or shoots.
Just regular shots of this and that.
* Planned to work with camera manual and manual settings.
Did not get to that at all. Will move to next month.

3. Do some reading.
* Took the love languages test. I read the first two chapters. The
parts describing each of our love languages. And the section on a
third love language -- the one that was a close second for each of
us when we took the quiz. (We never managed to discuss it
together though, which was sorta counter productive.)
* Started reading Seven Principles that Make Marriage Work
on the 4th. (Look at me, not procrastinating!) But I only got
through the first two chapters before putting it down for a bit.
It's difficult to read when you're in the middle of a marriage.
Ours certainly isn't perfect, and the book is forcing me to look
at that. So, it's not the most fun read, but it's great material.
* As for the two fictional books that I had started but lost
track of in previous months ... No headway on one at all. But
thanks to my resolutions, I was pushed to pick up the other
on the 24th with only a week left in the month! It's a fast read.
I may finish it by the end of the weekend.

Some updates from January - March resolution work:

GOAL: Finish March's semi-cleanse goal.
* Started but then cheated a couple of times; although, most
of my cheats were pretty innocent.
* Didn't do seven consecutive days, but I did way more then
seven days non consecutively. I'm eating better overall in
both portion and content. Down seven pounds from the
start of March and feeling healthier.
* Find it very difficult to eat that way when with David.
* Almost completely replaced coffee with tea. Been a nice
change and still getting liquids and minerals for my body.
Have mostly replaced Diet Coke with Diet Vernors. Only
drinking 1-2 pops a week max.
* Cut way back on sugary treats. Did great with this the
first 2 1/2 weeks. Faltered a bit after that, off and on. Big
improvement for me though.
* I am pooing with amazing regularity. It's awesome!

GOAL: Reduce impulse and little junk purchases.
* Tough month for it between my computer crashing ($460),
Norah's allergies, the ticket from my accident ($150), and
repairing a wiring fix that killed the a/c on my car ($850).
All unexpected and expensive stuff. Then, I shopped for
David's birthday & bought a new (and much needed) dresser.
* Doing pretty good on the "little junk". That's been fairly easy.
* Seeing that I do a fair amount of impulse buying -- now that
I'm paying attention to it. I have work to do in that area.

GOAL: My Gorgeously Green product work
* Made some headway here. Finally. More to do. Just wasn't
going to run out and buy all new stuff all in one day. You know?
This is one of those things I'll do over time as I use the products
I have and need to replace them with cleaner ones. This month,
I invested in a few. Have some things to post about this and
hope to do that soon.

May Resolutions:
1. Spend time with Photoshop, actions & online tutorials
2. Spend nine minutes a day in meditation
3. Put music from CDs onto ipod


SplendidlyImperfect said...

You're making great progress! I cracked up laughing when I got to the part about the poo and scared the dog.

Lindsay Teague Moreno | 5ive Photo said...

I can hold you to and help you with #1! Consider it done!

Oh, and I can probably contribute to #3!


TruJen Phtography said...

SO....I just read this. And...
You're composting project is awesome! I've been inspired. I now use my neighbor's compost bind. (It used to be ours but we never used it.) Now I'm in it all the time!

I love that you started reading the love language book. I've heard so much about it. Maybe I can borrow it from you this summer. :oD

And it's always great to spend time with the camera! I can NOT believe you took 700 pics! WOW!!

May resolutions sound great! I love the meditation idea! Why nine minutes?

Good luck!!