Monday, March 17, 2008

{Aaron and P Come to AZ}

I love these two!
It would have been nice for the kids
to visit. At the same time, D and I
were happy to have them all to ourselves,
and I think Mr. and Mrs. Byrne enjoyed
the break from their busy day-to-day!

Aaron and Pam in the movie chair.
Snuggled up on their last night here.

Pamela. I'm totally lucky to have such
an awesome sister-in-law. She rocks.

We did quite a bit in four days...
Golfed 18 holes as a foursome.
Did another nine with me taking pics
and riding along.
Hiked South Mountain.
Shoveled rocks for the front yard.
They ran for the better part of an hour.
(Pam is training for another half marathon,
and Aaron is likely to do it, too.)
Watched The Good Shepard.
Made a movie of our own! (Exclusive showing below.)
Took a walk.
Played Catch Phrase.
Took the dogs down to play ball.
Tried to find tickets at a sold out
spring training game.
Popped into Old Town Scottsdale.
Cooked two amazing dinners.
Headed out for "Operation Denim Ass"
to find jeans for Pam;
(Instead the guys got shoes at Clarks,
and I found a super cute shirt at Lucy).
Went to bed early. Woke up early.
Read the paper.
Watched ESPN.
Drank a lotta coffee.
It was a perfect long weekend.

Took a couple pictures on day two of golf...

Perfect match


My brother and my friend. God bless!
It was good to be with family.

Listening to David tell a story

Chip!(My favorite shot.)

D, going for par

Aaron, working the flag

Aaron and Pam, onto the next hole

David and Aaron looking at footage
captured on their FLIP Video camera.
That thing is AWESOME!

You've gotta see the movie we made!
I love that we have this.
Photographs are good, but this was
fun to make. A nice memento, for sure.
Check it out...



Trujen said...

Cute hair too! It's the first time I've seen it since you cut it after I left.
Anyway, I love the movie feature. What a super fun way to share. :o)

Elizabeth Bienas said...

wow - sounds like a fun visit!! :)