Monday, March 17, 2008

{Curb Appeal}

I love the feeling I get from
a finished project!
Operation curb appeal has been a
big one -- it really started over a
year ago with failed landscaping attempts.
The major phase got underway a month ago
with dad painting the house.
We finished it up after he left
(trim, garage door, lights).
Then, we tackled the front yard
which was desperately needing
love. I'm ready to share the
transformation today!

First, the before...

This is what the house looked
like when we bought it in November 2006.

Note the lights, door, landscaping, grass, house number
and paint. It's all about to change!!

Dad stripped and stained the front door in January of '07,

which I LOVE!
But then the bushes died (frost).
We took those out.
I replanted some things in the spring,

but on account of them being too small and
not symmetrical, it didn't look very good at all.
(No pictures of that.) We kept two of the
bushes I planted and move the rest to the backyard.

About a month later...

David spent a whole day in 95 degree weather
installing this great new row of red stone. He also
planted a purple grass bush and four Japanese Boxwoods.

They died this past winter! Well, the four green
ones did, anyway. On top of that, the front lawn
just never really came around. It had a lot of weeds

and brown spots. D tried to make it happy, but it didn't
take. We decided to stop toiling with the yard and go
zero scape instead. It's a lot less work to maintain.
No mowing.
No watering.

Just a little weeding.
Not only is it more desert friendly,
it improves home value here.
And so the project began...AGAIN.

We rented a sod remover.
Dug up the grass.
Hand shoveled the edges and
bagged it all up.

David's why-are-you-taking-pictures-of-me-


So, grass is heavy. Or at least the dirt attached to it is.
It was fun to "work our land" though. I loved it.

We wheel barreled all the grass bags to the side
of the house. This week, we'll get it to the compost
recycling dump. That'll be a fun job! There's like 20
bags of this stuff to haul.

Then, remember that beautiful row of red paver
brick David put in last year? Up it came! We're hoping
to find a new place to lay it in the backyard so it doesn't
go to waste.

With the dirt, grass, and paver brick out of the
way -- we were ready to start the new look...

We only got a few plants. I was glad to do it that way.
I mean just these four cost over $200.
So, we decided to go simple and add to it later if
inspired. Works for me!

David got them planted and laid a weed barrier.

I ordered rocks and met them at the house
for the delivery. I miscalculated though. So, I had
to have them come twice. Three tons the first
time and four the second.

My neighbor and I got the first load moved into the yard.
David, Aaron and I did the second load. Although, I think
the boys did most of the work that time!

So, here it all is!
New paint.
New rock.
New plants.

Close up view of the new cactus.
Hardly a drop of water required!!

Another view from the side

Our new rock to the left.
The old rock to the right.
We got one inch Apache Brown --
larger and more color then we had before.
I think it makes a huge difference.

I picked up these lights at Home Depot, too.
David installed them. They're so much better
then the ones the house came with! I really like
them and they put off a lotta light at night.

D picked up new numbers, too. I thought they were cute!

Now they're over by the door with a fresh, new mat.

So, that's it!
Finally done!
We NEVER would have gotten all this done
without David's amazing father painting the house.

It was a lot of work for him, but we are so appreciative.
Art, thanks so much!!
I love the color...

...and the new yard.
It makes me happy every time I see it.
One or two more projects and we're done for the
year. Then, it'll be time to relax and enjoy
spring and summer.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


Bre Marie said...

You have done amazing changes to your home!!
1. I LOVE your front door!!! It was the first thing I noticed!
2. The landscaping is beautiful!
3. The light fixtures are so cool!
Hands your home.

(and yes, I agree...we do need to all get together for a creative day!!)

ElizBeans said...

oh wow Sam - the house looks amazing! you and David (and your Dad!) did such a great job. i can just see how hard you guys worked. it's really paid off. :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you guys!

Lindsay Teague Moreno | 5ive Photo said...

holy crap this post made me tired! way to work it and get shiz done! Looks awesome.


TruJen Phtography said...

WOW! Everything looks great!
All the hard work you and the boys did, totally paid off! :o)
I LOVE the new colors!
Not many in your division have that color so you stick out without "sticking out".
How nice it will be to not have to mow the lawn. Another plus to living in AZ.