Wednesday, March 05, 2008

{Walking Disaster Rescued by Group of Phoenix Angels}

I was a mess last week. Officially.
Just couldn't get it together.
And it showed.
I got a parking ticket,
a speeding ticket (damn photo radar!)
AND I ran out of freakin' gas on the highway
while stuck in bumper-to-bumper,
not-going-anywhere traffic.
What normally would have taken me 30 minutes
took me 2 HOURS and 35 minutes that day. Ugggh!

There were a few upsides to the running-out-of-gas
situation. First, I was in the far right lane, which I
knew would make it easier to pull into the shoulder.

And since traffic was at a complete stand still
due to a semi truck on fire up ahead, (someone was
having a far worse day then me) a lot of the passersby
noticed I was in a jam. I asked a man sitting next to me

with his window down to help get there. He did, and I
was so thankful!

From my position of safety on the side of the

crowded highway, I called David.
I was actually expecting him to tell me it was okay
and then suggest I walk up to the nearest exit.
But you know what he said?
"I'm on my way."
Bless his heart.
My own, real-life super hero.
So, I called Jen Truman back, who I was talking
to when my car decided it couldn't make it any
farther on the fumes it had to work with,
and she kept me company.

Meanwhile, I got to see that there are a lot
of nice people in this big city of ours!
I would say at least ten people motioned
me to roll my window down so they could
ask if I was okay or if they could help.
It kind of restored my faith in man!
(Not that I had ever lost it, but you know
what I mean.)

And then, as if the gods were watching over me,
a nice Sheriff Department Patrol man pulled
up to check on me. When I told him I pushed the
limits of my tank beyond its means, do you know
what he did? He actually put gas in my car!
He did. Really! I thought that was amazing.
He gave me just enough to get to a gas station
and totally saved the day!!

Turned out to be a good thing, too.
David had been trying to get to me for 45 minutes
and hadn't even been able to get on the highway
yet because it was so backed up.

What I know for a fact
is that I have to collect myself!
I'm all over place right now.
Every thing is out of whack.

Another perfect example of my messiness --
I lost my phone again.
But then I found it yesterday...
at the bottom of my purse.
Granted, it's a very big purse,
I mean, seriously.

So, I'm working on regrouping this week.
Balance. Calm. Diligence. Productivity.

Thoughtfulness. Prioritizing.
Planning ahead. Deep breaths and action!


Trujen said...

I'm so sorry you had a poopy week but I must say, you sound so happy for someone who encountered all that drama in one solid week! Good for you!

It's pretty surprising what some people will do. You know, you should record the Dateline series, "What Would You Do?". It's amazing to see there's still goodness in America. It's also disgusting to see some of the hatred that's out there too. We'll talk more about that; remind me.

Um, bottom of your purse huh?! I've done that, sadly! I found that once I hit the house, I put the phone in a certain place. As long as Jack doesn't steal it, I'm good to go!

Lindsay Teague said...

game face be damned...sometimes you just gotta be pissed off and let shit go wrong! You know? Sometimes (even thought it sucks), you're just not in a good place. My thoughts are (as you know), find someone to "talk at". Let me know if you want help doing that and I can certainly make calls and leave messages for you or something!


Jen said...

What a week! Hopefully this one is smoother. Don't worry about not being able to focus - sometimes the greatest ideas and events spring from chaos!