Monday, March 17, 2008

{My Silly Boiz}

Aaron and Pam (my brother and his wife)
flew in for the weekend.
It was so good to be together.
Lots of laughs.
Lots of fun.
And the weather was perfect.
They were happy to have a few
days away from Ohio's cold.

D and Aaron decided an outdoor haircut
was in order for David. (They were funny.)
It was super bright outside. So, the
photos aren't much, but it's documented
time nonetheless. More to come!

Killian helps Aaron. The shaving begins.

For real?

Of course, Aaron had to do this in stages as to maximise
the fun that could be had with a mo hawk...

My little rocker.

Killian took a dip in the pool after his hard
day at the barber shop -- his second swim
of the season. Norah declined. Smart girl!

It was really good to see this face.
Pam's too. I miss them already...

1 comment:

TruJen Phtography said...

Ok, I love the super close-up of D! And I also love the mohawk but a cue ball?! Really?!
Still love them both, though. :o)
So glad you got to spend some time with Aaron and Pam! How nice it much have been for them to be able to take a break from both the cold weather AND the children. I know they love them so, but a break away for adult time is sooooo priceless!
Good times!