Tuesday, March 18, 2008

{Getting Reaquainted with Oli}

Oliver did his best to avoid the action while we
had company -- it just wasn't his bag.
I get that, but I missed him!
So, it was fun to reconnect the other day...

He loves the new blanket I scored for him in Old Town
Scottsdale on Saturday.

And here are some poorly lit but fun pictures from
our playtime...

Hey there, mama! You're back!
I knew you couldn't stay away from your
computer for long.

Hm. What's this?

I wonder if it slides?

Yeap, sure does.

This is cool! Has it been up here all along?

Alright, I'm over this thing. What's next?

Whatcha doin' down there?

Alright, I'll pose for one, but that's it.

And this is my favorite
from our little session...


Trujen said...

Those are all fun pictures!
I like the third from the bottom the best!
:o) He's cute!

Jen said...

I felt like I got reacquainted with Oli too! I kinda forgot about the new addition to the Link family! Sorry Oli - can't wait to meet you.

Why are you embarrassed today?

Lindsay Teague said...

yea...why are you embarassed? Must have more detail on that one!