Thursday, March 20, 2008

{Making Memories}

More pages to share today!

Just got around to using this photo of David taken in
2006. Quote used: Sometimes everywhere I look, oh my
love, I see your radiant face. With you ever present, how
could I close my eyes to anything? ~Kabir

In keeping with my goal to do story telling and intimate
glances through scrapboooking and my blog, I decided to
do a how-we-met-page.

Journaling reads: I had just turned 21 and started working
as a waitress and bartender at Signature's in East Lansing,
Michigan. This boy would come in one or two times a week
to meet up with his friend, Nick, who worked in the kitchen
there. His name was David...

He was cute, but I wasn't totally sure about him. He was
kind of mysterious and definitely cocky. But he was also
charming, sweet and always smiling. I liked that. We all
ended up at Spiral to dance on Thursday nights. I would
usually get there after him -- once I closed up the restaurant.
Every Thursday, we'd spend more time together than the last.
It got so it was my favorite day of the week.

Our first date was on his 25th birthday. April 29th, 1999.
He came up to the restaurant, and I got off early. We had
dinner with a group of his friends. (I still remember what
we both ordered and what we were wearing that night.)
Then, for the first time, we left for Spiral together. We
danced a little but mostly sat at the bar and talked that night.
He crashed at my place and was a total gentleman (more
than I wanted him to be). We spent the night snuggling on
the couch. The next morning, when I figured he'd be headed
out, he asked if I wanted to order Charlie Kang's for lunch and
spend the day together. So, that's just what we did.

I can't say "I knew he was the one" right away, but I never
stopped watching him smile after that. And no one ever looked
good to me the way he does. Somewhere along the line, my heart
became forever his.

I was happy with this one. The buttons took ages to sew
on, but I think they were worth the effort.

Journaling says: I've known this wonderful woman for
8 years now. At first, she was David's mom. Then, I
knew her as Sandy. Around the time we got married,
I started calling her Sandy-mom. Today, I'm proud
to call her mom and one of my dearest friends.

This one is for my photo album. My niece and nephew
two years ago. They've grown so much since then. Time
sure flies!


ElizBeans said...

love the sweet story of you and D - love it!

these layouts are really great Sam! i love coming here and seeing new layouts. :)

Lindsay Teague Moreno | 5ive Photo said...

i realized you did a lot the other day when you were here! Good for you! Love the journaling!! :)


Julie Hoopes said...

I am SO jealous of your scrapbooking!!! Your pages are just BEAUTIFUL!! I have no idea how you find the time to do it will all you have on your plate!!!