Sunday, March 23, 2008

{New Toys}

Lindsay knew I was in the market for two Bay Box Albums.
So, when she saw them on sale for 30% off, she snatched
them up for me. (Thanks, lady!) I have been making an
album for awhile now, but I waited to buy the book until
I knew I was going to follow through with the project. I had
21 pages ready and waiting for a home. So, the books came
at a great time. I filled the first one and am now ready to
start on number two!

I also uploaded all my recent scrapbook
pages to Two Peas. So, that was fun.
I figured since I'm scanning and saving
them anyway, this extra step only
takes a minute. Maybe they'll even inspire

Did you click on the link a couple posts
to see the video we made when Aaron and
Pam were here? To make it, we used their
Flip Video Camcorder. I fell in love with it,
and knew I had to have one of my own. So,
when we were out that weekend...

...I got one! It's such a fun toy. And not too
much money. I got this one -- 60 minutes of record
time -- for $110 at Office Max. I'm excited to
start using it. Stay tuned for the footage!

Catherine talking to me on the phone
Catherine and Aidan singing American Idol on Wii
They have gotten so big so fast!
I got to talk to Aidan and Lauren on
Saturday while I was out shopping.
I flopped into a chair at Macy's and totally
enjoyed my time on the phone with them.
They're such special, little angels.

Right now, I'm trying to decide if I want to
get out of this super comfortable bed to go get
a Pazookie at Oregenos. It sounds so good to me
right now!

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