Monday, March 19, 2012

{365 Days}

My life has changed a lot since last Saint Patrick's Day.

Not to dwell on the past
too much, but I was so sure I knew were my life was headed
this time last year. I was on a new life course and was obsessed with it. Today, it not only
didn't happen like I thought it would, but my path has shifted so completely. I'm still
processing it all. It's taking awhile to sink in and shift from surreal to reality.

Holidays are good mile markers in time. They naturally get me thinking back to what I
was doing that same day the year or decade before. It's funny how the priorities in life
so heavily influence the way I celebrate in a certain moment and time. One thing that
always remains true -- I love having a reason to celebrate! I never plan to let that change.

In 2011 ...

- Lived in the suburbs with D and three four-legged babies
- Just got off the pill and was over-the-moon excited to get my body ready for pregnancy
- Planning a freelance career with a heavier focus on family photography to fit "mom life"
- Doing very little work in journalism
- Drove myself to Cave Creek to shop for house decor and explore a new part of town
- Made Irish Soda Bread and was all about nesting

In 2012 ...

- Single without kids
- Down one four-legged baby :(
- Living in downtown Phoenix with Norah and Oliver
- Weighing 27 pounds less than I did the year before
- Working full time in journalism
- A morning of wrapping up a story and running errands for my new house
- An afternoon with three great friends at Turf Irish Pub in our "hood." :)

One life and moment isn't better then the other.

They're just so different.

One is my present.

The other is my (very recent) past.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.

Anyway, back to the present! Here are some photos from the afternoon ...

Left: Here I am with a real life leprechaun!
Right: Me with my BFF Jeff. I know most of you have heard of him. Well, here he is!
I think this is his first appearance on the blog. :)

We were quite a crew, the four of us. We held down the corner of the patio at Turf for a
handful of hours. Kim and Isabelle got started early -- way before either Jeff or I did. :)

All four of us live within ten minutes of each other in Phoenix.
It's nice to have some company down here! I'm lucky to have such amazing friends!!

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Adri said...

I'm glad to see, that after everything you've been thru recently you still have your beautiful smile.