Sunday, March 27, 2011

{The Town Dump}

I took a little drive out to Cave Creek the other day to check out a table that D's mom
still had on her mind after seeing it when she was here in January. It gave me a great
excuse to take a mini road trip and poke around a really cool store called The Town
Dump. They have an insane amount of inventory. It was one of those places you have
to do three laps just to get an idea of what's actually there. The stuff poured out from
one room to another ... to another ... to outside ... and around the corner to even more.
It was fun. :)

I really liked that goat picture, and I almost brought it home. I couldn't bite based on
the price though. Instead, I got a really cool wooden trough and some sage bundles.
They're on my dining room table right now, and I think they're a perfect fit.


A link said...

Great pics...we'll have to go back when we come in January...Dad

Yarit said...

Nice stuffs, did you buy any? :)