Friday, March 25, 2011

{Little Things That've Made Me Happy Lately}

1. Our water heater had a melt down last weekend, and David -- who would normally
attend to such things -- was out of town. I cleaned up the wet mess, did a few Google
searches and went to Home Depot where I bought a new one. They installed it and
hauled away the old one, too. Everything was dry and back in working order in less
than 24 hours, and I didn't need one ounce of advice from anyone. Handled! I was
really proud of myself.

2. We picked up a wind chime at Home Goods for $17, and it has turned out to be such
a great purchase. The happy, calm sound it makes, makes me happy and calm. It's a
simple pleasure that gives me instant good feelings. (I can hear it now.)

3. On Monday, it was 55 degrees, windy, gray, and drizzly. It was such an awesome
switch from 88 and sunny just a couple days before. I embraced the weather, wore
comfies, made Green Chili Soup and even squeezed in a cat nap. Fabulous.

4. David and I are on the path to making some cool
decisions. It's fun, scary and amazing.

5. Trader Joe's is selling little bundles of happy, yellow
daffodils for only $1.29 each. I picked up two of them
when I was there the other day. They've brought life
and color to our kitchen nook. I love that they're so
springy and were such a good deal.

6. I joined a gym, and I've been going for about two
weeks now. It feels good, and I'm motivated to work
on my fitness.

7. I'm so excited to be getting pictures from '09 and '10
printed and in albums. It's been a consuming but fun
project. It's gratifying to flip through finished pages
with actual printed photos instead of looking at digital
ones on a screen. Progress, baby.

8. I used to have a car with a keyless entry keypad on the door. That feature made it
impossible for me to lock myself out of my car, and I purposely left my keys in there
so I never had to look for them. That habit became a very bad one when I switched
cars in December and lost my keyless entry. I locked my keys in my car twice in
January, and the worry that it would happen again at an inconvenient time and place
was making me anxious. But this week, I noticed I've started a new automatic habit
of taking the key out of the ignition and keeping them in my hand! I think I'm going
to be okay. :)

9. I have some fantastic people in my life. I live a great distance from a lot of them,
and sometimes that sucks, truthfully. But the Internet and the phone are amazing
tools for staying connected. Today, I'm really appreciating those people and the
love they add to my little universe.

10. Tomorrow, David and I are doing something new for our March date. (The planning
and anticipation of these dates has been half the fun.) We haven't seen much of each
other in the last several weeks, and I'm just excited to spend some time with him.


Miss M! said...

I love my wind chimes. I was shocked to read on an online message board a few years ago that some people loathe them. Also, you're "supposed to" take them down in the winter. News to me! :)

Kristi said...

Nice list! Cute selfies too :)