Tuesday, December 20, 2011

{The Itch to Stitch}

I'm a hobby girl. I've always gotta have one -- or five -- to fall back on at any given time.
Embroidering has been a constant for the last three years now. I started when Lindsay,
Carlene and I formed Stitch-N-Bitch. (Miss it. A lot.) I kept it up on my own when they
both moved, but it wasn't nearly as fun without them.

I finally found a steady group to create with in March -- Knitting Club. A few weeks
ago, we had our biggest group yet. It was awesome.

I'm so grateful to D'Arcy for creating this little group. The story of how it came to be
is pretty fabulous. She wanted to start a Knitting Club because she loves yarn, knitting
and people. So, she went posted the group on ravelry.com and started showing up every
single Friday at Paradise Bakery all by herself until one by one, members started
forming. Literally, she built it and we came, just like the old saying goes.

While I haven't been the most dedicated member in the last two months because
of my work schedule, I make it every time I can. There's truly no other place I'd
rather be come Friday at 6PM.

Here are some of the patterns I've stitched onto
flour sack towels in the second half of 2011 ...

Thanks for letting me show and tell. Cheers!


Trujen said...

So fun! How wonderful it is all of you get together. And I love how D'Arcy just started showing up until people joined in. That's determination! I think I would totally love being a part of this group. I would also love to learn how to knit.

Your stitches are so cute! Are they gifts or keepers?! I do wonder how people with the gift to create can let go of their masterpieces. All that work... Anyways, they look great!

Ale said...

Such a lovely group! so happy that you found them my friend, great projects! I hope to see many more!



Hendricks Family said...

I've been a recipient of one of these lovely towels and LOVE them. They are practical, washable, and still so cute to hang in the kitchen. Thanks Sam!!
PS - you should sell some on Etsy :)