Monday, May 30, 2011

{Getting back to Embroidery}

Embroidery is kind of a summertime hobby for me, it seems. Do you do
that with your interests -- pick them up during certain times of the year?

It's been about six months since I did any stitching, but I found myself starting a
new project in April. I like having something to do inside when it's hot outdoors. :)

Inspiration hit when I decided to make something for David's mom for Mother's
Day. She loves and collects lighthouses. So, I started making her a towel using
lighthouse iron-ons I bought awhile back at JoAnn's with her in mind. I didn't
finish it in time for her special day, but I showed her the project-in-progress
when she was here for a visit with a promise to get it done and mailed her way.

It was fun to do some stitching again! The towel has an image on each side:

Do you remember when I was doing Stitch-and-Bitch with Lindsay and Carlene?
Well, they both up and moved to Colorado. I've missed them and our little get-togethers.

My friend Patti has been going to a knitting club. Her co-worker, D'Arcy, started it.
I invited myself along last Friday, and they didn't seem to mind that I was doing this
instead of knitting. It was great to be around happy, positive woman who wanted to
connect and create.

They welcome new members if you're local and interested. It's at Paradise Bakery by
Gilbert Road and the 202 at 6PM. (It's every Friday in June and then it'll be every other
Friday in July, I think.) There's no fee to join. Just bring your materials and a smile. :)


Wendy said...

I love your towels. I have the materials to do a couple of these also. I just have to get motivated :-) I live really close to that Paradise Bakery (Cooper & Ocotillo)! Are crocheters welcome to the knitting group??
BTW...thanks for the info about Ritz at Ray and I10. I thought the only one that was open was up in Central Phoenix. I'll have to order some prints the next time I'm heading over to Trader Joes!

Hendricks Family said...

OK, ok, ok - I'll do it! I love the idea of women getting together to craft of any kind. I've had an open invitation to this group for a long time now, but have never gone. My goal is to go sometime this summer...sooner than later. Thanks for motivating Sam!!