Thursday, April 28, 2011

{A Concert in the Park with Patti}

There's something magical about sunset, about music and about time with friends.

I was recently lucky enough to combine all three when Patti and I went to see Steps Junk
Funk perform in the park. The outdoor concert was from the Sonoran Sunset Series at
Veterans Oasis Park in Chandler. You may remember I saw an Irish band there in March.

Admittedly, this was by far my least favorite of the three shows I saw there since
February, but it was still fun. The concept was cool. It combined some modern dance
(I say that loosely) with something like Stomp, street percussion style sound. They
lost two of their four members, apparently. I wanted to believe that was the problem,
but I think they needed, like, 38 more people to make it work really well.

On the other hand, every child there was totally mesmerized. They didn't flock to the
grass and dance with reckless abandon like they did for Irish folk music the month
before. But they were all in a trance, as if they were sitting in the back seat of their
parents' car, watching "The Wiggles" on DVD. The performing couple clearly had a
lot of passion for what they were doing, and it wasn't lost on the kidlets.

It was still really nice to be entertained outside on a beautiful evening in the company
of a good friend. I had a great time. I love that the City of Chandler arranges these
shows for us and encourages families to get outside and enjoy live music together.

While we were there, I took a few photos for Patti. She's always doing things for other
people, and it felt good to do something nice for her.

This was the last concert for their spring round. (That scheduling detail is a reminder
that it's about to get really hot here. Booo!) But they'll be back with more music in
the fall, beginning in September. I plan to go to as many of the shows as possible. It's
just too great too pass up free, live music in the park during the golden hour. Maybe
I'll see you there next time!


Ale said...


Glad to read you two had a good time, you will have to fill me in later with the details.

Love the pictures as always.



Kristi said...

There is definitely something magical about outdoor concerts!