Wednesday, June 01, 2011

{Resolutions: June 2011}

It's the first day of a new month, and for me, that means it's time to check in
on my New Years Resolutions.

In 2011:

1) Make one new goal each month that give me a sense of balance and
make me feel like me.

January: Blog stuff -- February: Technology -- March: Photos into albums & scrapbook
-- April: Canning

May: Rearrange and organize my kitchen cupboards
* My priorities shifted this month. Suddenly reorganizing my dishes felt like the least
important thing I could do. So, I spent my time elsewhere, and I'm fine with that. I did
accomplish half of a reorg and purging in my office, which was in need to some tidying. I
freed up a couple shelves, donated some things, etc. It's not finished, but it's feels better.

June: Practice doing a 5k. My plan is to graduate from a walk to a jog and with improved
time over the course of the month.

2) Learn how to do the following things around the house in 2011:

*Scratched one thing off my list this month.
- Clean up my PCs (May 29th)
- Clean up my MAC
- Unclog the kitchen drain/garbage disposal
- Turn off the water to the house (January 31st)
- Work the sprinklers and the drip system (March 13th)
- Add to the drip system
- Clean the pool filters (February 6th) Change pool the filters (February 13th)
- Weekly/monthly pool care
- Drain and fill the pool (February 19th)
- Fertilize the lawn before summer (March 13th)
- Properly level and hang hardware fixture with a molly
- Change a door hardware and handle
- Relight the pilot light in the water heater (March 19th)

3) Volunteer or donate blood, on average, once a month.

* I was able to make some nice contributions to my community in May, and it felt great.
1. Made food boxes w/ friends at St. Mary's Food Bank (January 8th)
2. Donated platelets and red blood cells (January 14th)
3. Sorted food baskets for the Bountiful Baskets produce co-op (February 10th)
4. Helped caseworkers collect items from Bridging AZ’s Hope Chest (March 4th)
5. Donated platelets (They weren't setup to do RBCs this time. Boo!) (March 14th)
6. Helped caseworkers collect items from Bridging AZ’s Hope Chest (March 18th)
7. Helped caseworkers collect items from Bridging AZ’s Hope Chest (May 6th)
8. Barb came over, and together we made 112 Cards for Soldiers (May 12th)
9. Photographed the graduating 8th grade class at Children First Academy (May 17th)
10. Donated a double round of platelets (May 24th)

4) Go on at least one quality date a month with D (and take turns planning it).

January: Double feature at the drive-in theater with a car picnic. It was a really fun night!
February: Putt-putt golf. Air hockey and video games. Dinner at Chompies. Awesome.
March: Tempe Art Festival for shopping, people watching and street food.
April: Weekend stay-cation at a resort in Scottsdale. Luxurious, romantic relaxation!
May: Kayaking at Canyon Lake

That's it for May. I've already started my monthly 5K goal, and I'm really enjoying
it. June 2011 looks like it'll be an interesting month in many ways.

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