Sunday, June 12, 2011

{Beauty and the Beast}

Our front yard is what they call xeriscape. Basically, it's highly functional for the kind of
hot, dry weather we have here in the Phoenix area.

So, instead of grass, we have rocks. (I love not having to mow the front yard.) In place of
plants that need constant watering, we have succulent cacti that survive -- and thrive,
even -- with only the few random drops of moisture Mother Nature sees fit to sprinkle
on on them.

I've really come to love the look and feel of desert landscape since we originally moved
to Arizona back in late 2004.

The Blue Monster is one of the cacti in our front yard. There's a real juxtaposition
between it and the intricate, fragile flowers it produces in springtime. It's flowering
season is short -- only a week or two.

The cactus has a thick, tough, prickly exterior. Each flower it produces only last for a
couple days, at best. It's gentle petals layer together and open to a beautiful bloom that
closes up during the day to protect itself from the harsh heat and sun.

It really is a natural Beauty and the Beast.

p.s. It was fun to look back at how our yard looked when we first planted everything
in the spring of 2008. It's really filled out since then!

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Kristi said...

I know I haven';t seen your yard in person (yet!), but it is lovely!