Tuesday, February 01, 2011

{Resolutions: February 2011}

We're one-twelfth done with 2011. How are your resolutions going? It's the first day of
February and time for me to check in with how I did on my goals for last month and
state my intention for February.

We had company from December 22nd to January 24th with eleven days off during that
stretch, broken into three chunks of time. Each break was just long enough to take a deep
breath, do some laundry and give David a kiss. It was a lot of being on and taking other
people into consideration. I've decided any dreams I have of opening a quaint B&B are
best left dreams unrealized. :) After a little recuperation, I'm feeling more like myself
again. I managed to squeeze in my January goals in the final hour.

In 2011:

1) Make one new goal each month that gives me a sense of balance.

January: Work on my blog. Take Elsie's Blog Love course. Make some new pages.

* I finished Elsie's Blog Love e-Course. It was great. I'm not using my blog as a business
tool like she is, but I want Link Adventures to be a good representation of me and a place
people like to visit. Her course got me thinking about some changes I'd like to make. I'm
still ruminating. I love that her course got blog ideas flowing for me. I have a whole list of
things to work toward, and I'm excited to begin checking them off the list.

* I started making new pages for my blog! These are stand alone pages that feature specific
topics with a bunch of info all in one spot. I have five categories in mind, but I've only just
began making them. For now, you can find pages in my blog's right margin towards the top.
Once they're finished, I'll probably display them as tabs directly underneath my banner.

* Craft Index is finished. There you can find most of the crafty projects I've made, all under categories (i.e., embroidery, cards, paper crafts, etc.).

* Recipe Reference page is also complete, and it was fun to make. It's a quick index to most
of the recipes I've posted online over the years. Admittedly, this is for me probably more
for me than it is for you. I use my blog as a recipe book a lot. So, I was excited to get these
recipes in one, easy-to-search-through page. I hope you use it, too!

February: Learn how to use some of the technology I already have. Ideas include the
navigation system in my car, my phone and camera.

2) Learn how to do the following things around the house in 2011:

I haven't made much progress on this list yet, but the year is young.
- Clean up cookies and junk on my computers
- Unclog the kitchen drain/garbage disposal
- Turn off the water to the house (January 31st)
- Work the sprinklers and the drip system
- Add to the drip system
- Clean the pool filters
- Weekly/monthly pool care
- Drain and fill the pool
- Fertilize the lawn before summer
- Properly level and hang hardware fixture with a molly
- Change a door hardware and handle
- Relight the pilot light in the water heater

3) Volunteer or donate blood, on average, once a month. That's 12 times a year.

I got a good start towards accomplishing this goal ...
1. Made food boxes w/ friends at St. Mary's Food Bank (January 8th)
2. Donated platelets and red blood cells (January 14th)

4) Go on at least one quality date a month with D (and take turns planning it).

January: Double feature at the drive-in theater with a car picnic. It was a really fun night!


Kristi said...

Your blog looks great and I love the index! My blog needs a major overhaul as well!

Ale said...

You put a smile on my face every time I read your resolutions. You are sooo good at this! Congrats on your conquers and keep up the good work!