Saturday, January 08, 2011

{Not His Best Holiday Season}

Oliver made a swift switch from social holiday helper to the epitome of a scaredy cat.

He was by my side while I wrapped, cooked, decorated, & prepped through December 21st.

But then, he met Beau, who arrived with David's parents on the 22nd. He was not a fan.

We see sweet beauty when we look at Beau ...

But Oliver saw something entirely different, probably in this department ....

Because O was terrified of Beau! He spent the majority of the next 17 days in the six inches
between the wall and couch in the living room. I felt so badly for him. It was no way for
the little guy to spend Christmas or New Years. (Tear, sniff!)

Our company left today. I'm going to need to do some damage control to make sure
my Oliver feels safe and knows he's loved!

Incidentally, Beau got on fabulously with our other two, Norah and Killian. He is such a
wonderful boy. We were sad to see him go. Oliver, on the other hand, was not. :)


Yarit said...

What a handsome cat!!

Trujen said...

Poor O! Maybe some extra cat nip and a new toy will bring him back.
Best wishes!