Sunday, January 09, 2011

{Christmas Eve 2010}

Christmas Eve just may be my favorite day on the holiday calendar. This year, we made
it totally festive -- filled with traditions from every angle.

New tradition: Make-your-own-pizza night
It was a first time, hopefully annual tradition to-be, inspired by Pam (my SIL). And it
was a total success. I want to do this every year on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. The
only thing I was disappointed with was my lack of capturing it all with my camera. I
missed the shot of my ingredient bar (all fresh and organic) and our finished pizzas. I
mean, what am I new? I know better. Anyway, Sandy and Jim were here. So, we all got
into it together. Jim was in charge of music. :) My favorite pizza? Potato and fresh
rosemary on thin crust with olive oil base and light freshly grated mozzarella. Mmmm.

Inspiration for a possible upcoming tradition: Caroling
No holiday is complete if I'm not moved to tears at some point. On Christmas Eve, that
moment came when the Hendricks paid us a surprise visit to say Merry Christmas. Jim
opened the door and the sound of holiday singing filtered into the house. I didn't know
it was them at first, but I heard the singing, and the tear ducts sprang into action. It was
so beautiful and so sweet! Barb and I decided we were going to coordinate a caroling
group next year. Neither of us have ever done it, and we just think it would be so much
fun to dress up and go door-to-door singing to unsuspecting people. I can't wait!

What's shaping up to be an every-other-year tradition: Christmas lights tour
There are some serious holiday decorators in these parts. I mapped out our course,
and it took us a light display coordinated to music and to homes with more lights in
their yards than in our whole neighborhood combined. I usually take popcorn, hot
chocolate and candy canes, but we were all fooded out from the pizzas. So, we brought
some of Jenny's holiday bark incase our sugar rush subsided at all. We wouldn't want
that, now would we?

Well-established tradition: Christmas Eve PJs
Each person opens one gift on Christmas Eve night, and -- surprise! -- Santa's helper
brought everyone PJs. We scurry into them and wake up feeling pretty and cozy on Christmas morning. They make for perfect breakfast and gift opening loungewear.

That's a wrap on Christmas Eve 2010! I hope next year brings as much happiness,
family, friends, and tradition.


TruJen Phtography said...

WOW! Those lights are beautiful! I love you take snacks making it an activity. Think I'll be taking some notes for next year. We usually pop through some neighborhoods if we're out and about after dark. But your way is much more fun!
And I'm totally down with caroling. I wish some brave souls here would do it with me!
Thanks for the share!

Wendy said...

The lights in your neighborhood were amazing!!! Beautiful photos!

carlene federer said...

looks like you had a very Merry with lots of fun activities and delish food! hope you have a lovely 2011!

Kristi said...

I love traditions, this looks like a fun one to start!
The holiday lights are beautiful but I admit it is weird not to see any snow with all the lights! lol

elizabeth said...

this looks like such a fun night! love the pizza idea. your pics are super too - the one of D and his mama is adorable.