Monday, December 20, 2010

{Keene Family Photo Session ~ Luke, AJ and Cupcake}

I couldn't think of a more perfect final photoshoot of the year.

AJ got in touch with me to see if I could photograph her and her husband, Luke. They're
moving to Okinawa, Japan on assignment with the military for three years. Naturally, all
their family wants for Christmas is photos of them before they leave in January.

It was most definitely an honor to photograph this couple who sacrifices for our country,
freedoms and rights. But they added a cherry on top when they brought Cupcake along.
She's a beagle-lab mix who just about stole my heart. (You may see more of her on another
post. I'm just sayin' -- she's that cute.)


Hendricks Family said...

Great job as always Sam! Love the location, you did great!

Ale said...

Love love the pictures!! you are so talented! these are going to be such a great gift for their families. And it seems that you guys had so much fun. Cupcake is soooo cute!! is the little thing going to Japan to?