Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Remember Cupcake from her family photo session the other day?

She's back.

I couldn't resist just a few more photos of this sweet face.

Mmm, those amber eyes and big, beautiful ears.

She had sweetness in every single hair, I'm sure of it.

She definitely knew who held the treats and the squeaky toy. :)

But mostly, she was a perfect model -- happy to sit and look gorgeous upon request.

Cupcake had belly scratching added to her contract before the shoot.
Her mama was happy to oblige.

This girl is about to become a world traveler with plans for a journey to Japan in January.
She'll be fine, as long as she has her people.

But I wonder what the dog food is like in Okinawa. Hmm? Good luck with that, Cupcake!


Ale said...

This girl is sooo cute! Good she is going with her parents. Nothing like your dog to keep you company...thanks for sharing Sam!

SugarBear Diaries said...

Loving your photographs! Awesome job! Love Cupcake's gold eyes!

carlene federer said...

awww, how cute is Cupcake? TOTALLY cute lol! Looks like you've been having fun doin' your photo, cooking and Martha thangs! You just GO girl! Hope your holidays are Merry and Bright and happytrails!

Anne said...

Sam, your work is so great! I just love visiting your site for the sake of viewing your talent. Great shots!