Monday, September 20, 2010

{Tree Trimmers for the Giving}

Christmas is coming!

In preparation, I got started on a holiday craft project -- simple, personalized ornaments.

Wallet photos *cardboard base * ribbon for border & handle * bells for trimming & cheer.

I went to the craft store three times before (A) figuring out what supplies would work best
and (B) getting enough supplies. The key was in finding ribbon and ornaments or bells that
were proportioned to the photo and fit together. Once I had that down, this was a really
fun and easy project.

I'm collecting photos for a second batch. These are kind of addictive to make,
and I think they'll be fun to give away, too. :)


Ale said...

WOW! You are already working on the holidays! wow! they look so good Sam! great job!

TruJen Phtography said...

I love these!!! What an awesome idea!!! So fun!
I kinda hope my SIL doesn't see this. I know she reads your blog at times but this would be such a great gift for them and their new house!
:o) FUN!!!