Tuesday, September 21, 2010

{The Hendricks Family}

How great are my friends? I was itching to try a session with people in downtown Chandler.
It's so cute down there, with lots of color and a urban features. I shamelessly bribed subjects
with the promise of photos, and they showed up! These guys -- Patti, Jason, Barb, and Gavin
-- were an absolute pleasure to spend time with. Of course, I knew they would be going in. :)

This was a great experience for me, and I learned some logistical things that'll make it
easier next time. Chandler gave us more background options than we had a chance to get
to in an hour -- a fountain, greenery, texture, color, tables, pillars, green grass, and more.
It was perfect. I'll definitely go back!

The best part is that I got to help the Hendricks continue their story in photos.
From pregnancy ... to birth ... to family. This was my first time photographing Patti.
I hope I get the chance to work with her again. She's gorgeous and a real natural.

I tried some new editing techniques this time, and the prints that I got in the mail looked awesome. I was so pleased and proud to give them to my friends. I also tried some things
afterwards that I'll continue to do with photo clients. Just nice, little surprises to go
with my delivery. I'm starting to create a system here. :)

Thank you, Patti, for helping me arrange this. You're the best!


Hendricks said...

The Hendricks are forever grateful for you capturing our family from pregnancy, birth, family and hopefully repeat someday. Being the photographer in the family opportunities often get missed because I'm behind the camera. You've taken photos of me and my family that are priceless and we will cherish forever and ever. I'm excited to be old and grey someday and look back on these wonderful memories. Thank you for being so talented and being our friend!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures turned out adorable. That little guy in his hat is so cute! My favorite one is the black and white one of the whole family. Great job! Have a great day, Denise

Miss M! said...

They came out great! I can't wait to get to do ours there.

I'm also in love with Barb's dress. It's the perfect shade of green.

Shelle said...

sweet...there are some wonderful candid shots there....those are the ones i always love....esp that crying on the chair...precious!