Thursday, June 17, 2010

{I *Heart* My Labrador Retrievers}

There's some downsides to being an unemployed college grad. (I'm starting to get bored!
I want something productive to do, a place to go, deadlines to meet, adults to interact with,
and challenges to accomplish.) But one upside is that I am spending a ton of time with
my kids. Norah and Killian make for the best company. They're amazing.

The other day, I discovered they both really like jicama. Of all things! I was cutting some
up for a salad, and as always, Norah was keeping me company in the kitchen while Killian
watched and listened from the living room. I gave Norah a piece to try. (The girl will eat
anything. She loves vegetables! Which is great since she's allergic to everything else.
Produce is an easy people-food treat to give her.) When Killian heard her chomping, he
came to get his. Now, he's the one that really surprised me. He's much pickier and doesn't
eat a lot of raw produce, but he ate that jicama like it was the best treat ever.

Normally, they inhale their dog food and treats, barely chewing, it seems. But they take
their time to chew vegetables thoroughly. It's adorable the way their little jowls curl up. I
think their long, flat tongues make it challenging to move food around in their mouths. So,
they have to work at it a little bit harder to make it happen. Plus, in my opinion, they like
the cold, wet and crunchy texture. It's seriously cute stuff. They might be my favorite
beings in the Universe! Who needs human these silly faces are here to keep you company?

Killian is especially funny when coming in for an unknown item.
* Eyes crossed in serious concentration
* Nose up and crinkled for the smelling
* Lips open for the eating that reveal his cute, crooked front teeth
I love this guy!

Of course, Oliver is never far away, and he loves to hang out with his mama, too.
Exhibit A -- He's laying in a sun patch on the floor next to me as I type:

I feel so lucky to have such good kids! They fill up my heart and make me smile a million
times a day. *Sigh* What are you feeling grateful for?


Unknown said...

I think I may have mentioned this before...I WANT KILLIAN!!! All your fury babies are adorable, but that Killian gets me everytime you post! So adorable!

TruJen Phtography said...

This is for Olivia,
I got the chance to snuggle with both of Sam's kids and I have to say, they are both wonderful, but Norah is my favorite! My ideal pet is a turtle but I told Sam if she had to ever had to leave her babies, I would take Norah is a second! She's the sweetest pup I've ever met.

Sam, this post is super cute! I love the cross-eyed Killian! Too funny. :o)

Kristi said...

My heart belongs to my furry babies as well :) Great shots!

Yarit said...

True, who needs humans when you have the perfect nature around you. About the boring thing believe me, not doing nothing creates the nest for new great adventures, make a plan of where would you like to travel, write a diary about your dreams and intimate wishes, buy some watercolors and paint anything you like, take the bus and go somewhere you did´nt even know it exist in the same town or city.
Do something different and do not forget to go out and walk.

Killara girl said...

they are gorgeous looking dogs.