Friday, June 04, 2010

{Father's Day Gift Giving Ideas}

Boys are hard to shop for! But I still managed to find some cool ideas that might work for
your dad or or baby daddy this Father's Day. Hope you enjoy & find something too perfect
to resist. (Father's Day is June 20th. **Most of these ideas will work for birthdays and
Christmas, too.)

Does he have a man cave? Then, he needs this. Price: $24. For other items from the same
artist, go here. They offer made-to-order signs in a variety of topics and colors.

Photo books filled with family pictures and good memories. One year for David (who is just
a pet daddy), I put my own 4x6 photos of our furry-babies into a little flip album. It cost
less than $10, and I think he really liked it.

Does he have a collection of something he's never done anything with?
If so, you could organize it, put it in cases or display it for him.

Make him a t-shirt that represents him, his hobby or even one that says world's greatest
dad. I like to do running shirts for D. I buy his favorite plain T's when they're on sale and
then take them to a place that prints t-shirts to have a design added. Total cost is usually
around $20 per shirt.

Fugi Instax Camera. Price: Under $100. This thing is sooooo cool. Be sure to get film, too.

A personalized gift basket for him. Include things that are unique to him and you know
he'll like and use. Ideas include: movie tickets, a "mixed tape" made by you full of music
you know he'll love, a small tool, workout outfit, favorite candy or treats, favorite bottle
of wine-liquor-beer, a nice travel mug, cologne, a book.

Couple photo related ideas:
1) Restore an old photo of him or his dad.
2) Put a special photo of him, when he was young or currently, onto canvas.
3) Put a photo of his kid on canvas.
4) Photo books are always good, too.

An ornament or t-shirt from his home town or alma mater.

Frame some of his art. If he has some photos that are special to him or that he's proud of
taking, frame them. You can buy pre-matted frames or have them matted, depending on
what you want to spend.

Slippers. 1) Monogrammed from Red Envelope. Price: $35
2) UGG Scuff Slipper. Price: $65.

Complete cartoons of the New Yorker. Price: $38.

A hammock. 1) This one has a stand. So, no trees required. $100 on Amazon.
2) Another one with a stand. It also has a wheel to make moving it easier. Price: $368.
3) Home Depot has a few to choose from. This one is only $68.

A headlamp. David bought one of these for running at night, but we both use it for all
kinds of things. He'll put it on when working on something in a dark space (under the
car, under the sink, behind the tv). I sometimes use it at night when I'm embroidering
in the living room, and I'm having trouble seeing in the low light. It's also assisted us in
removing hard to see slivers, too. It's crazy how often this thing comes in handy. REI

Other ideas:
* Do something for him that's been on his to do list for a long time but he hasn't had a
chance to get to. Then, plan something fun to do with the time you saved him.

* Organize his work bench area for him as a surprise. Buy him a new tool, wrap it up and
put it on the work area so he finds it all at once.

Happy Father's Day planning to you, and cheers to the weekend!


Alejandra said...

Wow! So many pretty and good ideas Sam, you are such a nice person. Since Henry is also only a dog daddy I will skip the present, more because of the lack of resources haha! He did get the underwater camera, we are still trying to figure out how to download the pictures! So I will take that upon myself as his gift.
Great ideas as always!!

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