Tuesday, April 20, 2010

{Project: Organizing Under His Sink, Where the Wild Things Were}

Confession: I get a little high off organizing spaces and finding the perfect containers
for the job. I actually think my brain releases endorphins from this simple process.
I feel happy when planning and doing it.

So, when I noticed that round one of my bathroom organization worked everywhere
except for under David's sink, I got excited. It meant I had an opportunity to fix it!

Reading blogs with organizing suggestions has taught me something. People will auto-
matically follow your system of organization if it's totally intuitive. If it's obvious and
logical, they will follow. If it's not, things will not end up where they're supposed to
and the area will eventually get messy. Case in point: Under David's bathroom sink.

It was getting a little hairy down there. More stuff-in-a-space than an organized area. So,
I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and found five small storage solution pieces for under $20:
* Three 3x6 bins
* One 6x9 bin
* A handy cabinet organizer designed for pantry items or spices
(I already had the metal rack. FYI, that's from The Container Store.)

Yeah, it's a bunch of plastic, which I was trying to avoid, but everything fit so perfectly.

The things he uses every day (lotion, mouthwash, deoderent, and cologne) are right up
front. Things he rarely uses (electric razor, electric hair cutter) are tucked away under
the shelf. Everything else has a spot -- and more importantly -- a container. *Sigh*


Kristi said...

Let me know when you want to come to MN to fix my "Wild Things" in every cabinet!! I need help. H.E.L.P. Sounds like you'd be the perfect person to help me conquer the chaos!!

Lis said...

just so you know, my idea of a NICE LOOKIN under the sink is the FIRST picture. If you came here and saw MY UNDER THE SINK, you would DIE! But it DOES look even nicer with what you did! You are so cute!