Monday, April 19, 2010

{A Spot for Her Memories}

I had fun putting together a welcome gift for Katie Bug. She's is the newest addition to
Scott and Jen Truman's family, and since she is their second child, they already had
most of the necessities from their first one. That meant, I got to focus on the fun stuff. :)

My instincts told me Jen's free time for things like scrapbooking would cease to exist
now that she is the mother to an active and growing little boy and a new born baby
girl. Plus, she said things like, "I'm going to pack up my scrapbook stuff for now.
There's no way I'm going to have time for it." I took that as a sign that I should
make a little album-scrapbook for Katie. And so I did.

This will give Jen a place to put some of her beautiful photographs and document special
moments with her little girl. Each page has space for photos that are 4x6, 3.5x5, or 2x3
wallets. (You'll notice photos on one page. I took those.) Jen can fill in the rest with her own.

I tried to include spots for important people in Kate's life (parents, brother, grandparents)
without overdoing themes so it will be easy for Jen to fill with almost any photo. I figured
if she didn't have pictures that matched the layout color, black and white would work.

There was so much love and excitement surrounding her birth.
I think this page will help Katie see that, along with what her mom,
dad and brother looked like as she arrived.

An it's a girl page. Gotta have one of those.

Her name might legally be Katherine, but she's Katie Bug (or Kate)
to her mom and dad. At the bottom it says "mommy's angel" and
"daddy's girl".

Jack and Kate will forever have a bond as siblings. So, she
needed a page just for them. The title: "You love Jack and
Jack loves you". I liked how this one turned out. :)

This might be a fun spot for a series of photos;
Maybe of Kate's different facial expressions.

Family photos page.

Had to include a grandparents page. Across the top, it says,
"They sprinkle stardust on the lives of little children" and
"grandparents" over the bottom.

And then two more pages where any photo of Katie will work:

A fun project for me ... and hopefully a special keepsake for Katie and her family.


Olivia said...

You are such a sweet friend! So thoughtful and observant to pick up on things. What a treasured gift!

Kristi said...

So cute and thoughtful!!!

Me said...


Trujen said...

Oh Samshine! I love this gift so very much! And I know when Katie Bug gets older she too will treasure all the photos but also the hard work you put into making this just-for-her special album! Thank you a million times! :o)

carlene federer said...

Very cute! And what an awesome gift from the heart! I'm sure she will treasure it, and Katie will treasure it in turn!