Sunday, November 01, 2009

{Resolution Time: November}

Sticking to my '09 resolution to make three new resolutions
for every month. The new month means it's time to:
~ review how I did with my October goals
~ make new November goals

October Resolution Review:
1. Finish things I've started. In particular: Edit photos for Jenny, Barb & Mandi. Tweak and redeliver the video for Western Refining. Pick out the sinks and cabinets for the bath remodel.
* Jenny's photos -- done & delivered
* Barb's photos -- the last of them have been delivered
* Mandi's photos -- done and delivered
* Western Refining -- done & delivered
* New bathroom sinks -- chosen
* New cabinets -- chosen & ordered
In other words, this goal and all it's parts were a total success. It feels great to have
finished some big things on my to do list. I'm thrilled about it.

2. Cook. Create homeiness by planning meals, shopping for ingredients and cooking weekly.
* I definitely did some cooking, and it felt wonderful. Not a ton, but the goal was to do some
cooking each week, and I followed through with that intent. You can see the results here:

3. Declutter. Go through clothes, shoes & stuff in general and part with some of it. Spend
some time in the garage doing the same (preferably with David). Go through closets, desk drawers, piles, and shelves. Simplify.
* Well ... this one wasn't as successful, as I masterfully procrastinated on my mission to
declutter. Why is it so hard to part with our junk? I did get to a few things, but it was
nothing more than I might have done in any month, without the goal. Pen cup, my inbox
pile on my desk, a few clothing items. I'm not putting this on my November goals, but it's
something I'll keep slowly chipping away at.

November Resolutions:
1. Work plan: Make my resume tape. Finish online resume profiles. Call three people in
the business to set up appointments and ask questions to find a professional direction with
a plan to get there. Start applying for positions before the end of the month. BIG goal!

2. Masterbath remodel: Finish it! (Or get it extremely close to finished.) A lot of this
is on David, but I will finish selecting and buying what we need for it, pick a paint color
and paint, and help D wherever I can.

3. Get my Christmas spirit on: The goal here -- have only a little to do in December so I
can focus on graduation, two sets of company, applying for jobs, and holiday fun. So, this
month: Make a Christmas shopping list (mostly kids this year). Do all *I hope* of my
Christmas shopping. Make at least one gift. Put the tree up before Thanksgiving. Take
a photo for our holiday card.


AMR said...

I wish I could make resolutions and/or to-do lists and actually do them. You're my hero. My daily goals (slash) to-do list mostly consists of - keep the kid and dogs safe and alive and don't do something retarded like accidentally burn the house down. So far so good - Achille's Mom

Diane and Joe Baldo said...

Good work, commander.!!

Kristi said...

Good for you, I think I would be a goal failure. Too much going on for me to stick to it, it takes a huge effort.